HoboDAO Contest #38 of 50 CONTESTS

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Winning Submission


The Future of Oil: Will Crude Become Obsolete?

Author: @ojerinde

Post Sponsor: @project.hope


What To Think About Stocks Buybacks?

Author: @busted1

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Next Contest Rewards:

Author Reward - 10 STEEM/STEEMP
Sponsor Reward - 5 STEEM/STEEMP

Contest rewards may vary

How Can I Enter?

You can submit your own work or another author's work by sending 500 HBO to @hobodao with the url (web address) of your Steem post.

Important Information:
Token payouts might have a waiting period between 7-30 days. Rewards from the Ethereum blockchain require the winners/sponsors to have an Ethereum address that can receive ERC-20 tokens. Failure to provide an Ethereum address within 30 days of the request will nullify the contest reward.
Hobo tokens (HBO) are used exclusively as consumption tokens for the HoboDAO contest system and should not be viewed as an investment asset or security. Owning Hobo tokens do not entitle the holder of the token to any form of equity, interest, economic benefit or voting rights.


Please use your submission tokens to submit your articles or articles of your friends to the Hobo Contests. Contests will remain active for another 12 contests (12 weeks) but after that the contests will close. Apologies for anyone that hoped the contests would move over to the Hive community. Hobo Contests will remain ONLY on Steem and Steem-Engine and will not be porting over to Hive and Hive-Engine.


Thank you for being a part of the INCOME entertainment Fund, where builders are sought and supported!

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