100% STEEM Give-Away Contest 0066. Earn votes and exposure while entering!

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I'd love to give away $50 prizes. Only YOU can make that happen!



How this contest works

  • The contest will run for 6 days and close on Sept. 11, 2018.
  • To enter, simply use the #happystream free LISTINGS SERVICE to promote any article (your own or of a friend). Click the tag to find the latest version of it.
  • Entrants will select a number between 111 and 666 and in the replies to THIS post they will write, "ENTRY GUESS" followed by their chosen number.
  • The winner(s) will have guessed all 3 numbers in the correct order and if nobody guesses correctly, then at least 2 of the 3 numbers rolled by 3 6-sided dice rolls must be achieved or the prize rolls over to the following week. (NOTE that there will be no numbers 7, 8, 9 or 0). Example: Dice rolls = 456. Players guessed 152, 256, 416, 555, and 645. Guesses 256 and 416 would split the prize for each having 2 of the 3 numbers in the correct places.
  • The prize pool will consist of ALL the STEEM collected during the contest period.


Dice rolls were: 4,2,2 for 100% SBD Give-Away 0065 (last week) and nobody guessed at least 2 numbers correctly. Last week's prize pot rolls into this week's pot.


I sincerely thank you for your participation!

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Hi @happyme, I was wondering if you had looked into @steem-ua at all (here is a summary post. I feel like you're exactly the kind of user they're aiming for. You're extremely consistent, you have amazing user engagement, but you don't get those big whale upvotes.

You would have to delegate some of your hard earned SP, but I do think you'd probably earn it back pretty quickly.

Anyway, if you've seen it and you're not interested, that's of course totally fine, I just thought I'd let you know in case you hadn't.


I got 41 cent vote from it, so have upped my delegation to 100 SP, for (up to) 4 votes per week. Not sure how long that will last, but I can always re-claim my delegation if the vote value drops too low. I have 4 Basic Income shares and those votes have gone lower and lower to the point that 4 shares now earn what 1 share got before, so that seems like a losing proposition. However, that got me thinking about us and our games. If 8 people playing regularly were to delegate 100 SP each to me, then my daily votes to them would double in value. That's way more than what you could get by self-voting and probably better than buying votes from the vote-bots. Do you think it would be worth doing delegations to those who regularly give you votes? Think the other players would go for it? To me, it looks like there is nothing to lose since you still own the SP, yet get bigger daily votes. You would essentially be giving someone else your vote power to vote for you.


Yeah, considering the SBI shares cost (or at least used to, I haven't checked in for a while) 1 steem each, it seems like it would take forever to get that value from it now... but that's mainly because the Steem/USD pairing is so low at the moment.

I'm glad Steem-UA seems to be working... when I read their initial information, it really did seem like it was pretty much made for you... high engagement but no whale support.

Hmmm, interesting, I never really though of it that way. It basically means you'd receive less but give out more, since your regular players upvote your posts... so basically the 100SP means my vote to you would net you less, but your vote to me would net me more...

It's also slightly more complicated because we don't only vote each other... I have about 20 people on autovote, so the votes I'd give them would drop and the people you vote (which is pretty much your players) would rise...

… so yeah, it's definitely an interesting idea. I'd be worried that you'd be worse off in the long run because you're voting on comments that don't really get other votes, so you're not getting curation-bonuses... if Ciel still had her delegation it'd be a different story... but I'm definitely happy to try it if you like... there's so much math involved that who knows how it would play out...


True, I didn't put a whole lot of thought into the idea, but if we simply go one on one, it wouldn't do anything, however if we use all 8 doing the same, then each of your votes going out will lose a tiny amount, but what you gain back will be amplified considerably. Taking turns doing this might actually be a worthwhile endeavour. Of course we lose a week's cool-down each time we switch, so we don't want to do that too often. Curation rewards are minimal, so I don't even count them. I think getting bigger votes is the best way to grow, and I'm all for helping other small-fry grow. I'm not sure it will hurt me much because at first, your votes will be of less value, but as you grow your SP with the larger daily income, your votes will get bigger faster, so I will gain something later. As I said, I haven't actually done any math on it, so it might be all pie in the sky, wishful thinking... but hey... I think it is worth taking a closer look at it.


Where this all falls apart is when people cash out rather than pump up their SP.


Thanks! I've never delegated before and never heard of this deal either. I looked up how to UN-delegate and found a nice URL to copy-paste that allows delegations and un-delegations without converting to vests! Works slick, directly via steemconnect! I delegated 25 steem just to see what kind of votes I will get. If worthy, I will increase from 1 weekly vote to 4 votes weekly by delegating more. 250SP should provide 10 votes per week, but only gives 7, so not the best deal.

I just used your free upvoting service by using the #happystream tag.
Thanks a lot for this great Innitiave.


I'm really struggling with myself about up-voting a comment that shows you didn't even bother to read what you were supposed to read. The whole idea is to gain exposure for the service, but if you don't read it, how would you even know what that service is? And obviously, you misunderstood, because it is NOT an up-vote service, but a method of advertising all your articles. I've decided that I will only give you an up-vote if and when you follow instructions and actually use the service rather than use my tag for something it was NOT designed for. You are encouraged to actually use the service and then enter this contest. It is a double-win for you if you do and perhaps even a triple-win!

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