GP Contests: 2 SBD Main Round Winners

in contest •  4 months ago

All of the winners were picked by a GP member who has no affiliation with the Steem blockchain and doesn't know any of the participants. He says "tell them the unrelated party had fun judging".

Entries post:

The bonus round will be done just as soon as someone volunteers to pull the numbers on Dlive.

Durian Contest

Congratulations to @fotografia101

"i think this one get[s] it"

Goat Contest

Congratulations to @roger5120

"this one just fits, cute goat, time to print paper, goat trying to eat paper"

Mushroom Contest

"looks like a lot of effort when in to that and the cat was being a normal cat asshole .... you can see the writing on the upper left hand of the pad, that was the tipping point, there were a few failed attempts and then a good 'ill show you fucker' solution was found"

Congratulations to @buzzer11

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Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Congratulations ! @fotografia101 :))

Thank you so much @guiltyparties. Thanks a whole lot @lecongdoo3.

Awesome selection. I cant wait for the next round of contests.