Results of GROF's Contest #33

in #contest2 years ago (edited)

3 contestants guessed the right outcome for #33: @galasek @dianagomez @luiscb90



I invite you all to join GROF's Contest #2 on Scorum!

If you like football, sports, contests... you are welcome to join our Steemit Betting Community:


Hey, any chance of another competition going up?

Hi @jmehta!

I was busy these days, so I made a little pause... GROF's Contest #34 will be around 20th October, for the 3rd round of UEFA Champions League, so stay tuned! ;-)

I'm also inviting you to join/follow me on Scorum where you can play similar games/contests with me, barbadosso, and others... :-)

Yes, I did upvote :/

You are right! My apologies... :-)

Thanks @grof ! no problem

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