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A little over a week ago I ran a contest to see if I could find some more people to follow and I feel as though it was a success. I am now following about 6 more people than when I began. the original contest was a bit vague as to the rules and the next time I do one of these I will be more specific.

I should have mentioned (or didn't think of it until after the fact)

  • The submissions need to be in English - I don't read all languages :)
  • A photo, regardless of how lovely, without any sort of context or story behind it was not considered

I will clarify these things in the next one as I think that it would be fun to host one of these every 10 days or so. It appears as though the liquid rewards will be actually a bit more than what I had previously said, i don't know exactly what they are yet but as I mentioned in the original post It will be at least 5 SBD for 1st, 3 for 2nd, 2 for 3rd


3rd place


Walk, Mosques, Lunch and Pieces of Rich and Good Cake
by @ace108

@ace108 takes us on a lengthy journey journey through Singapore exploring food, mosques, and some really quality street art. I have to admit my admiration for good street art played a big part in my enjoyment of this article. I'm not trying to tell anyone how to write but I enjoyed the fact that the captions "got to the point" without being too wordy. The fact that it was also translated into what I presume to be Mandarin gave the article widespread appeal.

2nd place


The fate of Venezuela will always be an uncertainty.
by @malpica1

It started out by reading just one of @malpica1 's heartbreaking articles that he posts on a regular basis in both English and Spanish regarding the tragic state of affairs in modern-day Venezuela. However, now I look forward to his regular updates to get an idea of what is going on without the media filter and bias. Since I have a profound mistrust of the media, this is where I am getting my "boots on the ground" information from about Venezuela for the time being.

1st place


A Visit from a Scam Artist.
by @blanchy

@blanchy takes us on a hilarious comedy ride in a conversation with an online scammer that I sincerely hope is a true story. Since it was in a comedy open mic category it isn't possible for me to know if it is true (I certainly hope so.) I found the writing to be engaging and funny and the story was just the right length to keep me on board. I look forward to more of your blog entries in the future.

Now just a note from @gooddream : I always am kind of apprehensive when posting the results of these contests out of fear of hurting people's feelings and to be honest I received so MANY submissions that it was extremely difficult for me to narrow down who my favorites were. I don't want anyone who didn't win to think that I am being critical of your work or presentation skills - i am not qualified to do that. I am merely choosing what I liked the best.

There was a lot of good stuff displayed in the comments and I strongly encourage those of you who care to go back to the original contest entries and check out some of that stuff.

I have to give a special apology to @deadspace , whose writing is absolutely incredible, but he arrived too late in the contest to be considered. I will upvote the next 5 of your posts 100% as way of saying "sorry" (but to be honest, you are so good that I would probably do that anyway :P)

The rewards will be sent to you as soon as the original contest post is concluded, that will happen in about 6 hours from now

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Congrats to the winners! It looks like you got some really great submissions. I imagine it had to be hard to pick just a couple of them. It's awesome to see contests like this that help those who are posting good content on Steemit.

Good work and I love the way you explained every submission. Looking forward to joining the next.

Don't feel sorry, my dood. I entered just to make myself actually enter a contest for once in my damn life. Typically I don't enter them since it goes against the Geneva convention laws, but this time was an exception. Regardless, thank you for the shout out here and the kind words. It truly brings tears to my penis means a lot.

Obviously I think running a contest is difficult because of spending time to pick the best entries, that said, the people who didn't win will take in good faith really and it's awesome to see you're giving back to the community, I'll however like another contest lol, maybe

Wow i can’t believe I won . Thank you . Yes it is completely true . I was thinking of a post to do while it was happening and then I just thought why not just write about it. Glad you liked it . 😀😀 I have still to receive a reply from our scammer .

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well i think that right about the time the scammers receive a pic of a dude with a 3rd leg they realize the jig is up! The fact that your story is 100% true just re-affirms my decision. I hope you write more stuff, you have a good style!


You should scroll down and read some of my comedy open mic . Most are completely true . You may enjoy “sticky situation on a train”

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congratulation to the winners

Congrats to the winners well deserved! That's good of you to create contests.
Keep it up!