Mediaworks Sponsored Firmo Graphics Design Contest 85 Steem in Prizes

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Firmo - Graphics Design Conest

Here is a few entries for the Mediaworks Sponsored Firmo Graphics Design Contest. There is 85 Steem in prizes. If you want to enter link is here. Mediaworks - Firmo Contest

I will probably change some things or add some just making the initial post here.





shake 2_00000.png
Thanks For Reading!


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great !!!.
upvote and follow.



The "Handshake" is spelt slightly wrong.

all good i can change it, is it 2 words?

oops didnt even notice the K lol, Will fix immediately


There you go fixed er in a jiffy.

nice graphics but the spelling is kind of wrong

What are you talking about?? lol j/k fixed spelling errors

then your up for the prize

Great thanks!

ur welcome

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