Dlike Animal photography Contest: Win 5k Dlike Tokens!

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Hello Steemians,

there is a new Steemit contest announced by @dlike with the chance to win 5000 dlike Tokens, one of the first upcoming Smart Media Tokens (SMT´s) on the STEEM blockchain and I want to share this information on my blog here with you too!

The contest is starting from Monday next week for 5 days and it´s about #animalphotography and it´s the first contest by dlike.io. To participate in this new Steemit contest, you just have to post nice photos of animals with the dlike.io platform and use the tag #dlike-contest. As community you have to choose #animalphotography.

Important: The photo has to be your original content and not any other person's work!

The last step is to upvote, comment & resteem the contest announcement on the official @dlike blog here:

There is also an Airdrop for SP Delegators to the @dlike account and you will receive dlike Tokens in a ratio of 1:1. This means when you are delegating 500 SP to @dlike, you will receive 500 dlike Tokens weekly. This Airdrop is running until @dlike got 100 K SP.

The Steem Power (SP) is used to upvote great contributions by users of the dlike.io platform.


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Web: dlike.io
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Best regards and hear you everyone!

Jonas - @future24


PS: This article was published with the comfortable @esteemapp Surfer Software by @good-karma. Check out the profiles to learn more!

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Wow. This is just so amazing. Great job.

Really I am Applauding your information from my heart about the contest. I have waited this contest. Thanks Sir.


Thank you

@future24 sir!
Am I eligible for this contest? If yes,then how and what have to do..I do not much know about these kinds of contest..plz don't be angry..


Haha yes of course you are eligible for this contest and you can find all the contest rules in my post above and here: https://steemit.com/animalphotography/@dlike/dlike-contest-win-5k-dlike-tokens-for-animalphotography

@ future24 very interesting dear friend, thank you very much for the information I wish you a great night


Thank you too for the feedback @jlufer!

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