Week 8/13/2019 - Win a Membership in Steem Basic Income - Tell us About a Favorite Freewrite

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A Favorite Freewrite

Every Tuesday, you have a chance to win a membership to Steem Basic Income, SBI, at the Freewrite House.

Try to win one, my friends. An everlasting vote on your posts is nothing to sneeze at.

We want to make it super easy for you. Your task is to tell us in the comment section about one - or more- freewrites of others you have read in the last couple of days you really liked. Yup, not your own!!

The comment must be at least 50 words long - no upper limit 🤪

See the rules below for details.

In an ideal world, you also give that person a nice upvote - but we are not going to check on that.

To be entered into the drawing, go to the Daily Prompt post by @mariannewest. We are doing our best to resteem them to the Freewrite house profile.
Read as many Freewrites as you can. Then tell us about a freewrite you really liked and why.
Choose from the last couple of days if possible so others can go, visit, and, inspired by your description, leave a vote.

Win, Win, Win!!!

You Tell Us for a Chance to Win a Membership in Steem Basic Income

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3 x 100% upvote from the Freewrite House

We decided to give out more rewards on this contest since it has been one of our more popular contests.

The Rules

This is what you have to do for your chance to win a membership:

  • Leave us a comment as specified above
  • Remember, the comment must have at least 50 words

Here are a couple of free word count tools:

At 8 PM Pacific time the Thursday after the publishing of this post, we will close the contest and draw the winner through a random drawing tool.

The winner will be announced and sponsored soon after.

Steem Basic Income

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Finding a Freewrite

If you are not familiar with the daily freewrite prompt and the many wonderful writers who produce the most amazing 5-minute (or sometimes much longer) Freewrites, go to @mariannewest and look for the prompt. The graphics look like this


In the comments, you find lots of links to all kind of freewrites.

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@freewritehouse, Kindly find the below freewrite blog post for your reference which is shared by @d00k13.


One thing is really important in life and that is, to believe we need to experience and we have to deep dive. For example, we say life is a mixed journey, we believe it because we are experiencing it and what we experience cannot deceive us.

Keep up the good work team and stay blessed.

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Your support is much appreciated my friend, glad you enjoyed my poem 👌

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This story is part of an ongoing story. But just on the prompt "digital human", it's a story many can relate to. To want someone to want you back knowing that he wants someone else knowing you couldn't be like the person he wants knowing that you might be even a little awkward and strange knowing that you couldn't possibly change who you are knowing ..... so complicated. But if you ask me, the protagonist is more like what I would want to be... Swing on over to @ireenchew's and start from the very start to see how it ended up here :)


I will because you make it so... complicated. 😅👍💕

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Mission accomplished 😁

Oh tqvm..you are most kind 😘

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I would love to nominate https://partiko.app/fitinfun/freewrite-day-662-digital-human?referrer=saun

In this article author wrote beautifully how this digital world aids her disabilities and allow her to be convenient with work from home.
The mentioned part that include "not my child age" touched my heart most. She pointed out some drawbacks like students and children are using this technology in a way that may damage their future as they mostly use this in time killing sense.

Thanks for drawing my attention to this freewrite. I had missed it!

You are welcome @scribblingramma!

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Great you join this too. 👍💕

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Thank you so much for the recommendation, @saun. I am so glad you liked this freewrite.

This week I nominate @myjob for her freewrite about coercion. As usual, she worked the prompt into a story about her real-life adventures as a commercial fisherman. (Fisherwoman?) She writes about how she and her husband redid an old cabin cruiser to use as a fishing boat. She makes it sound so easy....but it had to have been a huge job! And then she describes very clearly the panic she felt every time she had to drive it when they were pulling it out of the water. Finally, she added some nifty pictures of fish she caught. I know very little about life on or near the ocean, so I always learn something interesting from her posts.

Happy to see your recommendation. 👍💕

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Just had to pull myself together and remember!

My two favs for this week are both from the prompt of rat.

First up is @wonderwop telling us another story of his cat Snickers and how this ancient guy is causing trouble at home. Even while getting up in years he can still escape. I can relate to the sneezing fits as I have been having some of my own lately.


@nathanthewise used this prompt for some poetry he is so good at creating. In his post we learn of the more unsavory things a rat infestation can bring. And how can you get rid of them? Lots of ideas here, but so far nothing has worked!


Thank you @fitinfunfood for the nomination. 💕

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Glad to! Always like your cat stories, @wonderwop :)


Hello @freewritehouse, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!