#ZapFic Writing Contest: Tell a story in 232 characters or less (on zappl). Results of Week 2 and New Prompt for Week 3

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Results of Week Two and New Prompt for Week Three!


#zapfic is a very short story (written in 232 characters or less) posted on the steem blockchain via Zappl.

I was introduced to the idea of writing very short stories on @zappl -#zappl-fiction - by @mydivathings. I thought it was a great challenge, and thought it would be a great idea if more people get on board!

What is Zappl and how do I sign up?

@Zappl is a micro blogging site (like Twitter) that is linked to the steem blockchain. What you post on zappl appears on your steem feed. You have 240 characters (including hashtags) you can use to post on zappl plus a title (not included in the character count) and you can add your own picture too.
Hint: once posted don't edit your published Zappl post on steemit. If you do it will disappear from Zappl (although it will stay on steemit).

You can find Zappl here: https://zappl.com/ (it is also available as a phone app.)

You can use Zappl straight away - because it runs on the steemit block chain all you need is your steemit user name and your posting key.

For more information on Zappl and writing fiction on Zappl contact the Zappl Community Influencer for fiction @mydivathings

Results of the #zapfic contest (week two)

We had 9 valid entries for the first week of the #zapfic contest! Thank you everyone for taking part! I really enjoyed reading every one of them, if you haven’t done so already please take a look (the nature of the medium means they don’t take long to read!)

The SBD payout of last week's post was only 0.16SBD (I rounded it up to the same as last week 0.40 because either a) I am 'generous' or b) because I couldn't be arsed to calculate such a small amount - you decide)

They were all really good quality stories and it was hard to choose between them, but I have chosen the following winners:

1st prize 0.70SBD (0.50+0.20 (50%of the post’s SBD payout of 0.40))
Wonderfully poetic reflection on human nature and religion

2nd prize 0.42SBD (0.30+0.12 (30%of the post’s SBD payout of 0.40))
Two relfections in one, in this autobiographical piece

3rd prize 0.28 (0.2+0.08 (20% of the post’s SBD payout of 0.40)
Reflecting on a night of partying. You can feel the energy in this one, and some lovely phrases

The other entries were also fantastic (listed in no particular order):

A really cute story told from a dog’s perspective.

Reflection on the creation of a phobia… with good reason. There is a wonderful phrasing in here

Spooky goings on in the mirror! Loved it

A fierce sword battle, fantasy style!

Life lessons on litter and change!

A poetic reflection on losing clarity.

On to new week's contest:

#zapfic Writing Contest Week 3:

Write a story - inspired by the prompt - in 232 characters, or less (the zappl limit is 240 but you need to include the tag #zapfic at the end) and post it on Zappl

Try to ensure you tell as complete a story as you can.

To read an example story click here to read it on Zappl or you can see the same story on my steemit feed or you can read a different story on zappl or steemit

As today is Mothering Sunday in the UK I thought this weeks prompt should be: birth

You can interpret the prompt as you wish (the story does NOT have to contain the word “birth” in it)


  • The story must be posted on Zappl (once posted don't edit it on steemit or it will disappear from Zappl)

  • It must contain the hashtag #zapfic use lowercase

  • The story must be less than 240 characters long (including the hashtag, but not including title or picture)

  • The story must be your own work, and previously unpublished

  • If you post a photo (you don't have to, there are no "points" for photos, it is all about the story) it must be yours (not taken from the net). Zappl want to discourage posting of unoriginal photos on their platform and I agree with that stand!

  • Resteem and upvote welcome (the contest reward will depend on post payout, so the more people see it, the more upvotes, the bigger the final reward) but it is not essential

  • The link to your zap must be left in the comment section of this post

  • The deadline for submissions is the payout of this post

  • The judge’s decision is final


1st prize 0.5 SBD plus 50% SBD from the payout of this post

2nd prize 0.3 SBD plus 30% SBD from the payout of this post

3rd prize 0.2 SBD plus 20% SBD from the payout of this post.

Plus all valid entries will receive an upvote from the judge

Any leftover payout will go towards the following week's contest (leftover payout may result if there are less than three valid entries).

Zappl is still in beta, so you may experience trouble posting, from time to time. If you can try again later. If you have problems let me know.

Note: this contest is hosted, judged and run by @Felt.Buzz. It not affiliated with Zappl.


Please take note of the rule (above) regarding images with your post. If you post a photo, or other image, it MUST be your own. If you found it on the internet you must NOT use it. You do not get bonus points for using an image (this contest is about the images you create with words).

Zappl want to encourage people to only post their own original content (I agree 100% with this). If you found it on the web, I will be able to reverse image search and find the original too.

Thank you! and good luck!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Hellooo I found this contest from mariannewest post. Here is my post. I was writing with my phone and just found out there are so many spelling errors.


I want to resteem this but I can't seem to find the resteem button


HI! This is actually an out of date contest! Entries for this prompt are closed, but I'll check out your post anyway. Here is the current contest: https://steemit.com/contest/@felt.buzz/zapfic-writing-contest-tell-a-story-in-232-characters-or-less-on-zappl-results-of-week-6-and-new-prompt-for-week-7-by-felt-buzz


Bfdgjugk Im going to hide in a hole now. I didnt notice this wasn't this week's promot ahaha. I did enjoy the theme though!!!


I guess the hole you went to hide in gave you an idea for this week's theme! Glad you didn't stay in the hole for long! :)


Thank you for entering! :)

well, I tried the app............but it didn't say it saved my masterpiece of a story LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL but it DID post on Steemit :D


  ·  last year (edited)

LOL! It worked! If you looked at your profile page on zappl or do a search for #zapfic you'll find it!

Screenshot 2018-03-17 at 07.24.30.png

Thanks for your entry!


Oh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D
happy YOU can find it loll

Thanks for the third prize ... !!


Sorry it is not a larger amount! I hope things will improve, I hope you contribute this week! :)


well, guess like you said i got more from my upvoted comments. lol


You're welcome :-D


By Undy!! LOL :p


I'm pretty sure I was doing some upvoting up in that post.




That's pretty disturbing too. Not as disturbing as the last one though!

Congratulations all! It was some amazing content that I got to read from this. Thank you!

Congratulations to the winners and thanks for the shoutout :) @felt.buzz


I really loved your story and it was in the running for third prize. I hope you enter again. :)

I’m back again! Haha. @felt.buzz
Here’s my entry


Hurrah! Glad you are back! Thanks for your entry! :)

Finally after over 100 tries (It was literally my last, because I was about to kill something :P > patience is not my strong suite )here it is my entry ...


Thank you for entering! So glad kept trying! :)

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And week three, here I come....

My entry, thank you, have resteemed!


Thank you for entering! :)

It is not letting me post it first screwed it up so I deleted it and tried to repost did it 5 times nothing is showing it just isn't posting :( half worrying I come back and my whole blog is full f the same post :( will be back later wil try again ...


The weekend I launched the contest they were updating, and I tried 6 times to post something! It's in beta and i know they are trying to improve things but that can sometimes lead to problems. Try again tomorrow. :)

Thank you & will try to make one later :)

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Thank you! :)