My life's biggest regret

in contest •  last year 


I was the best student in my primary school days. I was always called called for quizzes within the school premises and i always win. A mathematical competition was announced which was sponsored by the State Government and all government schools were to participate including mine. The price-Tag for the competition was $50,000 and a scholarship to school abroad through all phase of education which includes Ph.D Level. So, i was called to represent my school. Prior to this, i read day and night. I burnt the midnight candle from both edges. I left no stone unturned. I read and read and read until my eyes became dim and my body became slim. When the day of the competition came, I answered 98% of the questions asked without hesitation. Three weeks after the exam, the result was called. Three persons were selected and my name was mentioned as number one. My heart was filled with exhilaration. I was just speechless and i started crying. But, the announced that the rewards would be conveyed to us in a month's time. We waited for a month, NO REPLY. We wrote a letter to the Governor, and he advised us to be patient that they were working on it. So we waited. Three months passed, no reward, 5 months passed, no scholarship. I was so angry and i concluded that our politicians are wicked; that they had fraudulently ate the money and had given the scholarship to their children. Without any further patience, I wrote another letter to the State Governor stating that ''he is wicked and evil; he made me waste all my resources and energy for nothing; he should go to hell with his fake $50,000 and fake scholarship...'' That same day, we were all called to the Governor's office. And they apologised to us that the delay was due to the preparation of our visa tickets and the signing of some documents. I started sweating. A live broadcasting on Television was done while the rewards were been presented. And they presented the rewards to every other person. When the got to my turn, the Governor brought out my letter and read it to the public. Then he asked if i am worthy of the award, everyone answered no. That same day, the governor gave my rewards to another person and made a decree that i should never partake in any competition be it Local, State or Federal. He also said that he had wanted to add extra $10,000 to my money since i took first position but i lost it due to my insolence and impatience. Immediately, i fainted, but was woken up with a bucket of water.
Till date, the remorse for my impatience is still drying me up. Some of those persons who got the scholarship to the United States, are through with their Education, some have gotten good jobs, some are almost through with their Ph.D progam. But, i am still here struggling to get money to further my education. Because, i missed my opportunity due to impatience and insolence. Please, don't be like me.

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