⚽️ Soccer Contest: Premier League November 28, 29 - Most Goals 💰

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Find the Premier League Game with the most goals

PREMIER LEAGUE 2017 - 2018
Tuesday & Wednesday November 28,29

Contest - Most Goals

From the list of the 10  Premier League games below, predict the one with the most goals.

  1. Brighton - Crystal Palace
  2. Leicester City - Tottenham
  3. Watford FC - Manchester United
  4. West Bromwich - Newcastle Utd
  5. Arsenal - Huddersfield
  6. Bournemouth - Burnley FC
  7. Chelsea FC - Swansea City
  8. Everton FC - West Ham
  9. Manchester City - Southampton
  10. Stoke City - Liverpool FC

* Games of  Tuesday & Wednesday November 28 & 29, 2017 . Deadline for the contest Tuesday November 28, 18:00 GMT

50% of the SBD's earned from this post will be shared equaly to the winners 

Rules to qualify to the contest 

  • UPVOTE this post. 
  • Upvote  MY comment with the game you think that the most goals will be scored.
  • You can upvote one or two comments (2 selections maximum)  
  • You can upvote a comment until 18:00 PM GMT Tuesday November 28.


* Resteem of this post is not required but is highly recommended because it will help to increase the value of  the total SBD earnings that will be shared to the winners. Please consider to resteem the post if you want to help the contest. Thank you.

Thanks to everyone that supports my Contests by resteeming and/or upvoting them.

I am using Nitrogen Sports for my Bitcoin bets

This  is my affiliate link:  https://nitrogensports.eu/r/2168267 

* Find all my running contests here.

* Get Help - Free Soccer Tips and Statistics Sites

credits to @rocking-dave that created this amazing animation 

Good Luck 

Digital King


Watford FC - Manchester United : 2 - 4
3* Winners
@ragnaros, @lolicorn, @aaawee
Congratulations !

* @tezzmax would be among the winners but did not upvote the post according to the contest rules, although i sent him a notice yesterday. To be fair to all the participants i have to ignore his winning vote.

After the finalization of the author rewards, 50%  of the SBD's will be shared equaly to the winners.

* Find all my running contests here.

* Get Help - Free Soccer Tips and Statistics Sites

Thank you for your participation to the contest


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Arsenal - Huddersfield : ( 5 - 0 ) @precise, @starline, @tezzmax, @cosminblaga, @lolicorn

Stoke City - Liverpool FC : ( 0 - 3 ) @jsock, @jozef230, @sminchow

Brighton - Crystal Palace : ( 0 - 0 ) @maarnio

Chelsea FC - Swansea City : ( 1 - 0 ) @miti, @luism86, @nameless16, @hikaru09

West Bromwich - Newcastle Utd : ( 2 - 2 ) @cmoljoe, @sportschallenge

Bournemouth - Burnley FC : ( 1 - 2 ) @miti, @coolthings, @safat, @aaawee

There will be more bungholes after me!

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Chelsea FC - Swansea City


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