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Find the Europa League Game with the most goals

base image source : uefa.com

Thursday November 2, 2017 

Contest - Most Goals

From the list of the 12  Europa League games below, predict the one with the most goals.

  1. BSC Young Boys- Dynamo Kiev
  2. Istanbul Basaksehir- Hoffenheim
  3. Ludogorets - SC Braga
  4. AEK Athens - AC Milan
  5. HNK Rijeka - Austria Wien
  6. Lyon - Everton FC
  7. Arsenal - FK Crvena Zvezda
  8. RB Salzburg - Konyaspor
  9. Lazio - OGC Nice
  10. Vitesse Arnhem - Zulte Waregem
  11. Real Sociedad - Vardar Skopje
  12. Viktoria Plzen - FC Lugano

* Games of  Thurday November 2, 2017 . Deadline for the contest Thursday November 2, 15:30 GMT

50% of the SBD's earned from this post will be shared equaly to the winners 

Rules to qualify to the contest 

  • UPVOTE this post. 
  • Upvote  MY comment with the game you think that the most goals will be scored.
  • You can upvote one or two comments (2 selections maximum)  
  • You can upvote a comment until 15:30 GMT, Thursday November 2.


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Good Luck 

Digital King

6 Winners
Viktoria Plzen - FC Lugano 4-1
@dexpartacus, @jsock, @amfid4846

HNK Rijeka - Austria Wien 1-4
@vicspics, @lolicorn, @dobroman

Congratulations !!!

After the finalization of the author rewards, the 50%  of the SBD's will be shared equaly to the winners.

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Thank you for your participation.


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Lyon - Everton FC (3-0) : o07, @sroka87, @sminchow, @dobroman, @mrseventeen

Vitesse Arnhem - Zulte Waregem (0-2): @miti, @me-do


I am Cornholio! You will co-operate with my bunghole!

AEK Athens - AC Milan (0-0): @precise, @koment, @sminchow, @khalifandro

Viktoria Plzen - FC Lugano (4-1): @dexpartacus, @jsock, @amfid4846

Istanbul Basaksehir- Hoffenheim (1-1) : @miti, @komentator

RB Salzburg - Konyaspor


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Athens -Ac milan would be it


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