Artstorm Winners !! 'Adventure' Week # 88 Day 1

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Hey Everyone,

Artstorm 'Arts' Week - Day 1 - The Results!

Today there is one prize of 3 Steem.

Day 1 had eight entries

The 'Arts' Week theme was 'Drawing'.

Here is a winning entry by @aleks433:


I chose this entry because I like the way @aleks433 showed the stages of his drawing.

As always, many thanks to everyone who entered.

Don't miss the Artstorm 'Arts' Week contest with a prize of 3 Steem or SBD a day!

Here is a link to contest #88 Day 3 in case you would like to enter:

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Thank you very much, I like your contests and the pleasant feeling of victory.

You are very welcome, I am pleased to see your entries :)


Congratulations @aleks433 on your win, thanks Dee ❣️