Collection of most interesting images recently submitted in the 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge

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Hi my Steemit fellows!

I am really happy to say that the number and quality of your entries submitted in the 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge has been constantly growing. The photo challenge is getting more and more popular among the Steemit community and it is a pleasure for me to browse through your submissions and reward the best images with some upvotes.

Today, I am coming with a post featuring some of the most amazing entries from the last couple of days.

All I want you to do now is to sit back, relax and enjoy these stunning shots taken and submitted by your fellow Steemers :)

entry by: @mibreit-photo

Here's another photo from the Seychelles, this time showing Anse Severe in the north of La Digue. This little island is really a dream, which is why I'll return in two months. It's only 6km across and there are no cars besides some local taxis. You either walk or take the bike.


entry by: @aurumv

There is a very changing landscape on the way from Marrakech to the east, to Sahara desert. It could be an inspiration for many,- an artist and soul seekers. The Atlas mountains are the most impressive feature of Morocco landscape. Terrain is beautifully changing and offers something for everyone, especially photographer.


entry by: @axeman

Amazing evening at Baltic Sea, not far from Klaipeda, Lithuania. This time LEE filters caught really stunning colors. Stones and waves to make composition more full and interesting and with touch of little long exposure.


entry by: @mibreit-photo

My entry today is from a hiking trip in the Austrian alps I did two years ago. It's such an elevating feeling to stand on top of a mountain, the more strenuous the ascend the better the feeling of reaching the top. This photo shows the top of the Hochschrutte Mountain during late afternoon. The light was beautiful but the clouds you see in the photo also brought rain. So during the descent I got a bit wet ;-)


entry by: @schmidthappens

So I decided to go more personal for this week's entry. This is from my hometown of Grafton, Wisconsin. This is the Milwaukee River right next to the Grafton Dam. I took this photo a few weeks ago when I went to visit my parents for the holidays. What you can't see from the photo is that it was 25 degrees with a wind chill (and very strong wind) making it feel like 15 degrees. It took a few times to make the long exposure work because the wind shook my phone a few times ruining the shot. But I got it!


entry by: @eaglest

One of the most iconic and most-photographed places of Canada is Moraine Lake in Banff National Park in Alberta. Last year when Canada celebrated its 150th birthday I made a road trip to capture some of this beautiful country on camera.


entry by: @r00sj3

The Bean in Chicago. I was in Chicago for only a few days, as part of a trip from San Francisco to New York. I didn't expect much, but fell in love with Millennium Park. The Bean was my personal highlight. The reflection shows off the city and demands attention. Great piece of art!


entry by: @jpphotography

Bolivian Dancers in Sucre at Fiesta de la Virgen de Guadalupe
When I visited Bolivia in 2015, I was lucky to be in Sucre during the Fiesta de la Virgen de Guadalupe. Music and dancing groups from all over Bolivia visit Sucre for the festival to participate in the parade. The dancers in their colourful costumes are nicely framed by the stunning architecture of Sucre.


entry by: @eaglest

This image shows the lake Lago Chungará in front of the vulcan Parinacota (6348m) in the Lauca Nationalpark. It is located in the North of Chile near the border to Bolivia. It is one of the highest lakes in the world at an altitude of more than 4500m. So you get out of breath very easily...


entry by: @maxinpower

Kiyumizudera in Kyoto, Japan
Kiyumizudera is one of the main temple in Kyoto and a most see place if you visit here. At night time you are able to enjoy a great view, hectic city lights flickering behind ancient atmosphere.


entry by: @fotoshin

This was taken on November 29th ,2017 at the Shiga-Highland, Nagano prefecture , Japan which is registered into UNESCO ECO-PARK.
Here I’ve visited many times in different seasons in a year to work on landscape photography .
As I was at here , it was so windy and very cold out there in -10 degree .
But I was very impressed that I was able to see this stunning view in front of my eyes.


entry by: @jpphotography

Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia
When I visited the Great Ocean Road the weather was stormy and rainy which was not so nice for me on my bicycle, but gave me the opportunity to get this long exposure of the stormy ocean. I love how the turquoise water contrast with the yellow rocks.


entry by: @schmidthappens

This is a view of the Indian Ocean coastline and the famous Hindu temple Tanah Lot. This temple is a very popular location especially for sunsets which I sadly didn't get a chance to see from there. The legends say that holy sea snakes protect the temple but I did not confirm that for myself.


entry by: @randypike

What a warm welcome. On our first day on Phi Phi Island, we enjoyed this breathtaking sunset. The Phi Phi Islands are one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand with lovely beaches and crystal clear waters. The Phi Phi Islands are located in the Andaman Sea, in the Bay of Bengal, in the Indian Ocean.


entry by: @crazy-andy

It was on our first trip to Africa, on our second day in Namib desert, when we saw one of first animals. I am taking it as symbol of endurance. On the photo we see just heated sand and magnificent living being.


For more information about the 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge and conditions see my original post: 200 SBD 7 World's Continents Photo Challenge - 2018 guidelines

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Amazing photos! Thank you for sharing them with us.

What a nice concept and challenge it's always an learning experience for me as I am new here thanks @czechglobalhosts

I am very happy to hear that. Thank you so much. Welcome onboard and good luck to you. Tomas

Great photography thank for sharing with us. you are sharing really amazing and unique things. i really like ur way of writing and really appreciate your skill of writing so i just followed you @czechglobalhosts

Thank you so much for your positive feedback. Stay tuned as there are many amazing photographers joining me on daily basis to submit and share their amazing images. Tomas

Ok i just followed u to read your new posts

soo many amazing photos all in one post, sorry I cannot give you more than 1c of upvote :(

No worries mate! As long as you enjoy those amazing pics and give a shoutout to those guys taking a part in the challenge. Have a good one. Tomas

Thanks for putting these together :) What a beautiful collection.

Omg I've never seen such a collection.
hats off.

Words cannont describe the beautiful elegance of natural landscapes. What makes photography so beautiful is that capturing that moment can take you back to how it made you feel, but it can also mean something different to everyone who sees it.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

If you want to make a viewer galerie of images, this is my submission :

Image of Bridge, Antwerpen
Image of leaf

I'm in love with these shots I hope to see more how are you in Steemit. Nice work

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

If you like them, i have a lot more of great pic's ... I should make an image Gallery on my Profile. Like this one :

Wow, @czechglobalhosts, You made such a nice selection. All this pictures are just awesome. these are so beautiful.
Congratulations to the winners.

great photo i love it
How can I participate in this challenge?

What a great collection of favourite of course is Banf, a place I have always wanted to visit....UPVOTED for sheer quality

😍😍 amazing place and wonderful photography.breathtaking photos.i want to visit these place.

@schmidthappens Your photo is the most beautiful . I loved it . You did good work with your creative photography man . Well done .

I would like to thank you man. As usual you have done good post and the great photography contest . I appreciate it @czechglobalhosts

wow so beautifull photos and best wrok from all of them and spcecially @mibreit-photo work is best his shot and photo is really showing natruanl beauty and the sun shines from clouds make his photo more attractive ...and also the @jpphotography is really good and i see this place first time its a magically looking photo
thanx @czchglobalhosts for share these best photos and showing us the world beauty in true meanings

Awesome dear keep it up I upvote you thanks for sharing

Amaizing pictures man!

Lake Banff already visited. All the other ones added to the bucket list :)

Wow amazing post,, good job and good luck.

Very impressive photos! How wish steemit will bring me to these wonderful places.......

Such beautiful photos. But I'm at work now :((((( I am looking at the photo and dream of a vacation 😂😂😂

The last one takes the cake, as far as I'm concerned! Good entries all-around !

beautiful places and great works, very good post!

great, the dances in bolivia

I am honoured to be part of such an amazing post. Great company, congratulations!

Always follow your post!
Very interesting and helpful.

Never seen such bunch of photos in the same place, i simply cannot describe what these all pictures are, beacuse they just so amazing and stunning that everybody will surely be gonna love it.

beautiful all the photos. It provokes to grab the suitcase and go out to know each one of those sites. Great initiative of yours. I follow you

This are nice places for one to travel.

What a amazing post tnx for upvote

Some PS right there.

Good work

Stunning photos!

World is so beautiful especially if you have the photographerés eyes!

wow.......just out standing photo of those place........i don't believe this,really those place are in our earth....thanks for share

Wow amazing~!!

Great collection!

Absolutely incredible! Well done everyone! Great photos :)

Awesome photo ✌✌✌

@czechglobalhosts what a fabulous set of nature shots.. Could use each and every one of them as wallpapers - great photography by all the contributors!

What a paradise! Awesome photos!

wow here some amazing photography... i impressed to see it....i waiting for your next post.... best of luck for your ....thanx brother

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It's amazing photos dear

very amazing . . . you might want to check out my post @czechglobalhosts

I am just meeting this contest now. Took this picture with my android phone at PDO Camp, Ras Al Hamra, Muscat, Oman. The landscape was very beautiful and the picture did justice to it. I hope you like it like I do. Submitted at 11.59 central European Time. I am very happy I made it ☺☺. Thankyou @czechglobalhosts for making us to benefit from doing what we love, which is taking beautiful pictures .

SO COOl!! I NEED TO TRAVEL NOW. I love these photos, makes my life feel so much smaller. My struggles aren't as big as they seem; there's so much more out there

Wow this are really beautiful pictures! Thank you

very nice shot, your a great photographer, i like the natures photos, @czechglobalhosts