Winners of the previous Igbo contest

in contest •  11 months ago

Ok I want to start with apologies for this very very late announcement and reward for the winner of igbo-tales contest two weeks ago. I have been so so busy I swear I barely have time for myself! I know my actions were irresponsible not good at all. Dear igbo-tales contestant please forgive me o!

So let me go straight to the point the winner of the previous contest was @scarletmedia with this post Congratulations again @scarletmedia thank you for putting igbo-tales on steemit.

I would like to add now that the igbo-tales contest has been suspended for awhile till I get good control of my time and schedule. I really will make that time available to keep up with steemit and igbo-tales contest.

Thanks everyone for your upvotes and support.

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I applaud your way of acting and admitting mistakes, this is just the name of the person in charge ... nice post


Thanks much.

Though I'm happy I won, I'm sad the contest has been suspended. I was really having fun showcasing my beloved culture here on steemit. Thanks for the opportunity @cwen. I'm very grateful and I pray you're able to balance your time soon. God bless you!