Three brilliant pointers for new Steemians (@conradt contest entry)

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This is my entry for the contest from @conradt. To participate in this contest one needs to share what I think a new Steemian should really know. And I wouldn't be me if I would not give you 3 brilliant ideas instead of 1.

1 Master all the basics

This sounds easy, you just need to make sure that you really and fully understand Steemit. I suggest to read the welcome and FAQ. And try to follow a few people that blog about Steemit.

2 Give yourself a Steemit time slot

Before you know you spend hours per day on Steemit. So make a deal with yourself to spend xx amount of time and stick to it.

I think this should be done for all social media. And perhaps for more things in life.

3 Lower your financial expectations

Many people come to Steemit because they think they can easily earn lots of money. But that ain't possible.

The numbers:
0.2% of the total Steemians owns a noteworthy (5,000+) amount of Steem. So 1,605 Steemians own 91% of all Steem.

The same most likely applies for the reward distribution. Although I don't have numbers to prove this.

Anyways now you know this and have my brilliant pointers, you are ready to become 1 out of 505.

Enjoy your further Steemit experience!


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Good tips, @crypto-econom1st.
Number 3 is my personal favorite.
(Since I’m not sure what all the basics are, and I used to always fail at the second one - lol)

I lowered my goal to 10k USD for 2018. And now I will outperform my own goal, NOT! 😂

Good to see you back. Talking about backs, how is yours?

  ·  last year (edited)

For now my goal is to find the spirit and the energy to write again on a regular base, which is not possible to express in USD - lol

So to say I’m back is still a bit too soon, but I manage to keep up with Gina for now ;0)

I’m doing a little better every day, thanks for asking. I hope I’ll be able to keep that going for a while. I’m not putting my hopes up too much, ‘cos last time it took only a couple of days for the hernia to return. But already passed the previous mark - it’s been 9 days since the surgery now - and I guess easy does it... ;0)

The title says 2 but you wrote 3 :)
But all are true. Maybe the dust threshold is also worth mentioning!
All how the ecosystem is partly controlled by the upvote bots. This will give the newcomers are better idea how the posts on trending do get such a high value!

Also all true. The upvote bot icm with trending was already mentioned by the contest host. So that's why I did not mention that again.
Dust sweeper is not really important I would say. You could also say that belongs to my first item, your basic Steemit knowledge.

A good list - lowering your expectations is key for new Steemians for me... thats why so many come and go because they think they will make $1000s in the first few weeks.

Good luck for the contest :)