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RE: Calling All Witnesses and Casters! [Contest]

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With all respect, but I think you're taking an easy way out here. Most of the information you ask is available in the witness threads.

The more relevant information would be the criteria you apply to select witnesses. You're asking for proxy votes without disclosing which aims your votes are based on.

edit: just noticed that I quoted another user here - removed the quote again.


Our goal is to endorse witnesses who seek to engage with us actively so we can be part of their decision making process.. Not just passively vote for people based on what they post as their "campaign speech".

Our criteria is simple, are you technically up to the task AND why are you doing it. Mission matters more to us than anything else (all things equal). We want to ensure that the people we select for our witness votes are not only great witnesses, but are also for the best interest of all Steemians.

Simply put in my own words, Being a witness doesn't just mean you can technically do the job. That is a requirement, but what is more important is WHY are you doing the job? If someone is solely in it for the money, they are not really supporting the Steem community. My goal is to identify people who see the long term vision of Steem and are a Witness to be part of that community, not just profit from it. A Witness only in it for the money will leave, loose interest, or otherwise become unreliable in times when things aren't the most profitable. A true Steemian Witness however will use that time to increase their capacity and rally their followers around them to ensure they grow, even during the "bad/down" times. I hope that answers some of your questions.