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The Thank You Economy - Week 23 with 5 SBI Shares

It's That Time Again!  

Time For Your Weekly Dose Of Heart Felt Thankfulness

Welcome to the  Thank You Economy, a fun and engaging project where we try to promote a sense of thankfulness.  I really enjoy hosting the contest as I meet new people and awesome communities every week.  

In last weeks contest we gave away 5 shares of SBI and we had over 28 comments, a total of 5 Participants! and sadly just 1 Engagement Bonus Entries.

I just want to Thank Everyone again who has been participating, and resteeming the posts.

What is The Thank You Economy contest all about?(simplified version)

An Attitude of Gratitude - The Thank You Economy is simply a way to say thank you to someone who has helped you, influenced you or blessed you in some way in the Steem community.  It can be tough getting started on Steemit, and the people who have been here for a while realize that.  I could see community members helping out everywhere but what can new people do to show appreciation back?  Not much....

That's where the idea for the Thank You Economy contest arose, I wanted to do more to say thank you.  

Maybe I can do more.  I thought there might be others who wanted to do the same, not to mention it's fun.  

Just saying thank you to someone opens up all kinds of opportunities to interact with each other.  YOU CAN THANK ANYONE YOU WOULD LIKE....


On to the Contest Rules 

The Base Contest - We'll keep this simple.  

  • Leave a comment on this post.
  • In the comment tag someone who has helped you or influenced you on Steemit use the @coinsandchains format.
  • Then briefly tell us why you chose them.

That's all you have to do.  (upvotes, restreems and follows are appreciated though)

One thing, please do not tag bots or alt accounts.

The Prizes and Winner Selection: This Changes almost every week


I'm going to pull winners on Thursday next week(day 6)so I can get this back on schedule... 

  • 1 commenters will be randomly selected by the amazing prize wheel I found. The account making the comment and the account tagged in the comment will receive one SBI share each (2 total shares)
  • Most awesome or heartfelt entry - 1 commenter and their nominee will receive one SBI share each (2 total shares), this will be selected either by a guest judge or myself.
  • I will also give an upvote to each valid entry, but that does not amount to much.  Upvote your own comment if you would like, or if you have a @dustsweeper account it might help.  


So we are going to have One Bonus Round this week!!!! 

Bonus Round: Community Participation 1 winner!

If you know of other communities feel free to let me know in the comments. These are just the ones that I have engaged with.

Anyone who is participating in ANY of these Engaging Community Groups is eligible for an additional random drawing.  


All you need to do is Add a Tag to your comment entry, if you are participating in multiple communities each community counts as an entry!  Please use the Tags above if possible....

Just In case You Don't Know What SBI Is.

In the interest of saving space you can learn more by visiting @steembasicincome.   It is a pretty cool project with several people working on it. The brains behind the operation and main sponsor is @josephsavage #steembasicincome  


Good Luck To the Steemit Community 

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You can also catch me on 

LinkedIn  Yes I'm a super-nerd computer geek who likes nature and gardening.

Twitter   Mainly use this for airdrops and other things I enjoy scoping out.

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@coinsandchains I am going to stop by to thank you for keeping this going. I have been missing for weeks as I joined a team here on steem and have been busy. Still I see so much kindness out here and you lead it makes me happy to be here.

#c-squared #FreeWrite #PowerUP #asapers #PayItForward #darklands #CCC also check out @contestkings you can list this on there supported post I think.
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Thanks man. I've been being a little slack on my posting and commenting, involved in several other projects and working my butt off. Sorry, I haven't been hitting your posts, your writing has really improved.... That is totally awesome and you are moving up in the steem world, very cool.

this week i am going to thank @bullionstackers an un sung hero when it comes to protecting the blockchain


That's an awesome choice. @bullionstackers is all over the place, loaded with killer information and the whalepower stuff looks great as well.

This week, I would like to thanks @honoru to cover my work when I'm out for vacation.
I'm grateful that I meet this wonderful partner on steemit. Thanks for everything!


That's an awesome choice, everybody needs a wingman. @honoru loves and supports the team-cn crew and is definately an asset to everyone.


That must be give a thanks to my @team-cn partner @ericet @softemetal

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Hi, I'll thank the person who introduced me to both Steemit and SBI, @abitcoinskeptic This platform has been nothing but great for the two of us, we have invested time and money into Steem having both improved our writing skills.
I look forward to reaching a 1 year anniversary soon and continuing to interact on the Steem blockchain. All the best!


That's awesome and @abitcoinskeptic is active and pretty funny as well. It looks like you like cats, I like the cat contest.

The person that influenced me the most on Steemit is @reseller. I chose him because of the fact that he chose me as the Steemian of the day on his daily The Steemit Minute Steem News Powered by Dtube choosing my post introduceyourself as the winner post for a beginner or New Steemian. The win meant that my post was upvoted by an upvote worth more than $6 back then and @postpromoter provided the upvote.

This for me was a great boost that motivated me to start posting regularly and inspire others too with my post. I moved from rep 25 to 60 in 75 days posting at least ones a day since October 1st. @reseller believe in me even without knowing who I was but he saw the potentials in my first post and I believe I have not disappointed him.

I had a lot of negative feedback from friends who were already on Steemit before I joined and the told me you could only earn pennies here if I ever earned anything at all, but @reseller made me show off my win to my friends and let them understand anyone could make it here is they are determined and work hard at it.

Thanks for the contest, it sure brought back good memories of the day I got a $6+ single upvote back to me.




That is an awesome story and example to the rest of us. Putting yourself out there and putting in the work seems to have paid off for you and that $6 they sent has helped to keep a steemian engaged which is awesome for @reseller. It just shows that his efforts to help new people can really work...

The person that has helped me and inspired me the most is @crypto.piotr ,he has always been supportive to not only me but everybody on this community. A guy with a golden heart.


Thank you for your kind words @n1hal :)


That is a great choice and I couldn't agree more. He is always working on support initiatives to help other people and is a great inspiration to the rest of us as well.

This week, I would like to thank @team-cn novice village for reviving the excitement, happiness and self-confidence of my first interview. Thank every friend of the novice village, let me harvest more happiness!

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@team-cn is awesome and you guys are an inspiration of support for steem and your members. It's really great to see.

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This week, I would like to thank @team-cn novice village for reviving the excitement, happiness and self-confidence of my first interview. Thank every friend of the novice village, let me harvest more happiness!💗

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