Steemit for Resteem Contest ↕ Win a Resteem to 3000 Followers and Posting in a group with more than 19000 members ☺

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Our group Steemit for Resteem ↕ is one of the biggest steemit groups on facebook. It's free for new users who never claimed to post there, but it's not free for other people.

We will let you post in it your link for free if you win in the contest, the winner will be also resteemed from @clixmoney to more than 3000 followers.

So your post will be seen by 19000 + 3000 people, it's 22000 just imagine that. ☺

To participate in the contest you have to :

1 - Post a picture in the comments that best describes how you feel about this community. ( no words )

2 - Resteem this contest to make it viral.

You have to take the picture yourself, not from the web

We also will choose the winner who has better quality posts to resteem him and to share his post in the group.

Participate in our contests and you may be rewarded in steem or steem dollar also, we will choose sometimes random participantes and send them some reward.


Join the Clixmoney's server let's be in touch !

Join our amazing group : Steemit for Resteem ↕

There is also a website where you can get free upvotes :

Here are my addresses in case you want to support me:

BTC: 1DPCC7AteUzCsWmutyHdtvYWmwy79Jnc2p

BCH: 1GAYB9XLnoUDVDXruvXYmgc295zu8LJFpn

ETH : 0xfB2C3068895337AeA7ae4567E1522103331c81b4

LTC : Lasy18J7kmDtZPMtHzxp6B86f53YKNn3kt

Follow @Clixmoney for more improvement !

You can also like our new page where we share the quality posts :
Best Resteemed Steemit Posts

Earn 30% with the group ↕ Steemit for Resteem ↕ - Special post for active members !

Here is the bonus for those who read to the end :
The best steemit tips! , The best steemit tools



Congratulations ☼ You are the winner ☼ Please contact me to take your reward : Clixmoney on Facebook

this is really amazing and funny picture ☺

Steem is future big business!
Photo taken summer 2016.

Hello friend. Would this work? It does describe my experience with learning all the ways and means of steemit. :) Ivoted and will resteem. What else should I do support?

thanks, that's it, but if you want to support more, invite more people to our group. ☺

I think the comment section is going to be flooded with selfies :) Nice contest to attract more active users :)

Info: Why do I prefer over steemit.?

Did I ask about an opinion or a spam ?

I'm like running with all the details on my head and creating them to post it all... haha

Curving effect Made with nikon D3300 @ericjordan

#photocontests #streetphotography

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Hi. Until when is this contest?

We already have a winner, follow me till the next contest. ☺

ok then. thanks.

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