My Life's Biggest Regret: the heart pains.

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Some years back, I was quite young and started liking a guy who asked me out. In the environment I grew up in, every girl had a guy she called her boyfriend. It becomes an anomaly when a girl doesn’t. So when this guy (I will use Tony because I wouldn’t want to disclose his name at this point) asked me out, I accepted his proposal for a relationship without thinking it through.

In my mind, Tony was all that mattered. He meant so much to me. I loved him so much that I couldn’t see any of his flaws. On Tony’s part at first, he cared and made me feel like I was all that mattered. Although, Tony was caring, he had flaws that I couldn’t see, one of which was unfaithfulness. Some of my friends saw it and told me even some members of my family told me but I was not listening.

My pain began when he meet me to tell me that I was a good person and he likes me but he found another girl that he would love to move on with because she understands him more. I later found out that Tony made that decision because his new girlfriend wanted sex before marriage which personally contradicted with my believes.
My regret was simple; I accepted Tony because every other girl had a boyfriend and this caused me so much pain when he left without thinking about what I felt.

I am happy, I learnt from it. Being impulsive does not help especially in making major decisions because I felt pain that I wouldn’t wish on an enemy.

This is my entry into the My Life's Biggest Regret Contest by @jason04


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