Comment Chain Contest Episode ♊; 10steem Bounty Giveaway.

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In the spirit of giving and keeping consistency on steemit, I welcome everyone to this episode of my contest/giveaway. The last one was fun and very interesting.


Episode ♊

As I stated before!! the giveaway has its aims, which are:
◾Having fun while steeming
◾Ensuring Consistency on steemit
◾Rewarding/encouraging Interactions, ideas and creativity.
◾Appreciating and spreading the importance in the act of giving.

This is because, steemit should be fun and an addiction you can't do without.

"A comment chain contest."

It means only the first person to comment is allowed to reply to the post directly, others subsequent comments come under a previous comment(as a reply) until the contest is announced closed.

Lets get started:

How to participate:

REPLY to a previous comment(means your comment must be under the last comment on the chain).


◾Entry(comment) must not exceed 50 words.
◾Entry must be related to topic of discussion
◾Entry outside the chain is considered invalid
◾Multiple comments will be considered invalid.

Entry/Winning Criteria:

◾Must be my follower
◾There must be consistency on your blog.
◾No restrictions to reputation:

Who Wins?

There will be a random selection of numbers from the entry chain. You are a winner if your entry falls on that number.
Note that, selection of number will be based on quality of content and contest rule/entry requirements.

Winning Prize:

A total of 10steem is up for grabs. 2 winners with 4steem each and 2steem to the first to start the comment chain.

Topic of Discussion:

Do you think minnows have power and influence on steemit platform?
Can whales do without minnows?
Do you think minnows vote for a witness can have effect on the witness ranking?

I am very excited with the topics of discussion. I am tempted to put in an entry(don't worry, it won't count), Just to share my opinion.

Get in here and get the fun started. Make steemit a fun place to be.

Warning Against Scam:

◾Do not click on links/messages/comments on your post from users you do not know.
◾Do not use your private keys on a third party website. Unless, it is trusted and approved on steemit.
◾There are so many phishing sites/app out there. Be sure you are on the correct site before login/register with your details.
◾ Do not be selfish. Steem/SBD is not going to come freely to you. You have to do something to earn it. Hence do not quickly jump on a link promises free/easy earning.

Patience and hard work is the key.
Stay connected always

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Contest is closed. There are only 12 valid entry. Comments outside the comment chain is invalid. Comments that does not meet the rules or follow the topic of discussion are invalid.

Winners will be announced shortly.
Thank you for participating.

I think minnows are as powerfull as whales. They both need each other. It is not always about money, followers, support no matter how small matters.
No, I do not think whales can do without minnows on the steemit platform.
And yes, 100k minnows vote for a witness could earn him a good rank of the witness ranking.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Well said, power and influence, yes. Minnows are the majority on the Steemit platform. If they stop engaging the community by posting and commenting, there won't be increment in steem of the whales by way of curators reward.
They can do without minnows to an extent
You're right

whales has more power and influence than minnows. Whales don't need in minnows and can upvotes himselves for profits

Whales need minnows. First, without minnows, the concept of whales won't even make sense. Plus, it's minnows that do the real job and keep posting. If all minnows leave, Steem price will crash.

But for witness ranking, hmm. Whales and dolphins have more influence

Agree. Everyone has something to offer. Without all the minnows up voting the whales, they won't get their posts in the trending section. But yes, influence of minnows is less as compared to whales and dolphins. I'm not sure if witness votes too are accounted based on the SP of voter.

I think whales are the ones keeping this Community a life, without them many will quit and steemit will be less fun.

Minnows surely have influence on steemit as they not only help whales but also new users on steemit. I think getting news users here is main motive. I don't think whales can do much without minnows as they help thier post to come up on trending. Minnows witness vote doesnt affect.

To my understanding, minnows aren't as powerful as whales but as important as valuing the existence of whales and steem blockchain. Also, minnows' vote are important in witness category - in keeping the platform running smoothly and count in every areas. More reason witnesses campaigns for vote.

Well, considering the rules, I'm the first one.
Minnows are the cherry of the cake, this is a chain where minnows become powerful thanks to whales, and help whales in return.

You are a little late. You might also consider putting your comment on the comment chain to participate.

The other comment exceeded 50 words... I thought the rules were made to be followed and that's why I read them. It's not fair.

Well, first comment is not entitled to the price, so 50 word rule doesnt really count. Sorry about the misunderstanding.

Great read.

  1. Minnows do have great power and influence, they have the most population, they are the little pieces of rocks that make a mountain, without followers a whale can't be a whale...
  2. Whale's can't do without the minnows cos its the minnows that gives value to the whales... What you appreciate.. Appreciates ..
  3. Yes minnows vote can have an effect on someone's ranking.. Their vote count's.