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##source both pics @felt.buzz / combined with my art

#zapfic Writing Contest Week 61:
Write a story - inspired by the prompt - in 240 characters. Prompt to be used ARRANGE.
No restrictions on how you post it to steemit. For me a short story that came to mind thinking about arrange.

She, dressed in a black skinny tight dress, with a white blouse and an arty red glasses, was his right hand. She was the one at the desk, next to an IMac and behind her laptop and always on top of things. No one got past her without permission or an appointment. Her desk was flawless, and she had a big Rolodex all neatly arranged on the grey desk. She got the job through a recruiter who knew she would be great for this job. And he wasn’t wrong. She was always on the job, easy because the job was her life. She was unmarried and didn’t have children. The perfect balance for this position in this multinational. Her boss was an older man who loved her creative thinking. Who was in need of a second pair of arrange-brains. She was it, the personal assistant he had been looking for quite some time. But now he couldn’t do without, he called her when he wanted something to be done, when something needed to be ARRANGED she was his woman!



You can interpret the prompt as you wish (the story does NOT have to contain the word “arrange” in it)
Post the 240 character (or less) story to steemit (use whatever you want - steemit.com, busy, partiko, or even as a comment! etc - the choice is yours!
It must contain the hashtag #zapfic
The story must be less than 240 characters long - use a character counter to check (here is one: https://wordcounter.net/)
The story must be your own work, and previously unpublished
If you post a photo (you don't have to, there are no "points" for photos, it is all about the story) please make sure you quote the source. If it is yours, say so!
Resteem and upvote welcome but it is not essential (I am operating this contest at a “loss” to give something back to the community, so if you can resteem and upvote it will help me help you!)
The steemit (or busy, or whatever) link to your post must be left in the comment section of this post
The deadline for submissions is EIGHT hours before the payout of this post. The judge’s decision is final.
Thanks Bruce i love the contest.


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It is my experience that, in general, women have far superior organisational skills to men;)
And on another note, you may or may not want to know that a character is a letter or symbol and not a word. The zapfic challenge, therefore, is a story in 240 letters or less.

Hi deirdyweirdy thanks and i agree, most PAs are woman, but there are a few good men! And about the character explanation i wil tell @feltbuzz
He is the one running the contest,

The explanation was for you m'dear to save your little fingers typing all those words. Rest assured felt.buzz , writer extraordinaire, can tell his characters from his words at 1000 paces;)


Hi @britandjosie, sorry I didn't see this entry before! I really enjoyed your tale, but @deirdyweirdy is right: the contest is to write a story in 240 characters or less (not words). Your image that you included at the end of the story says you have 924 characters

So unfortunately I can't include it as a valid entry for the contest! I hope you try again this week! :)

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A mention would have been nice, if people do their utmost and make a mistake.
And offcourse I will enter again integrity is my middle name !