Denim Amidakuji Results

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Denim Amidakuji Results

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Wow! This week, it seems like everyone had a lucky number. There were nine winners in total, and here they are:

Jackpot Recipients: @shogo, @madlenfox, @steemission, and @plushzilla

First of all, congratulations to all of you, and welcome to the winners’ circle! Unfortunately, our jackpot this week wasn’t the biggest, and it being split four ways means that it is quite a bit smaller than usual. To make up for that I little, I am adding a small amount to the jackpot itself. Each of you will receive 2 SBD and 1 Steem.

今週のJackpotウイナーは4人です: @shogo, @madlenfox, @steemission, @plushzilla。今回のJackpotはいつもより少なくて4人で分けなければなれないので少し残念な感じです。そのため僕は少しだけ多く払います。今回のウイナーは2 SBDと1 Steem をもらいました。


Promotion Post: It looks like I am going to be busy this week because three people have won the Promotion Post Award: @darkerhorse, @rebelstar, and @kinakomochi. I will write a post about you and your blogs this week, and I will transfer the SBD rewards from those posts to you after the seven-day payout period has expired. I’m looking forward to learning a little more about all of you and to visiting your blogs. I will contact you all soon.

今週のPromotion Postウイナーは3人です:@darkerhorse, @rebelstar, @kinakomochi。今週この3人のブログについてご紹介記事を書きたいと思います。

Please tell me what the best way to contact you is, or feel free to contact me in the Amidakuji chat channel that is located on the SteemitBC Discord server.

(@booste, I am still trying to get in contact with you about winning the Promotion Post Award from a previous Amidakuji. Please contact me if you can.)

Resteem: Lastly, I’m happy to announce that @maya7, who is a regular Amidakuji player, and @intuitivejakob, who is a new Amidakuji player, have won the Resteem Award. I have already upvoted and resteemed two of your posts. Here’s to hoping that they get a few more viewsJ


If you aren’t familiar with these two Steemians, please take a look at their blogs.

@maya7 often offers interesting perspectives on the world and some of the larger problems/issues that humanity deals with, as well as photographic glimpses of her hometown in India.

@intuitivejakob describes himself as a cosmic midwife and offers psychic tarot readings to his followers to help them heal when they need to and to give them guidance when they are looking for it.

I have voted for and resteemed two posts for each of these Steemians. Please feel free to check them out here.

B&W photo contest… 1 @daveks

Daily photography contest Animal… Cows

Time for unspoken things

Heartshot Musical Psychic Tarot Reading 11/27/2017

As always, to all of you big and small voters out there who are supporting this Amidakuji,, I can’t thank you enough.

Many, Many, Thanks!

Don’t forget to try your luck again next week!


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yay congratulation to all winners and i am going to marry this monday so i am going to busy tomorrow.thanks for choose me winner of post promotion.


Congratulations on your marriage too! I hope you have a great day and ceremony!!


Thank you so much for wish.

Congratulations to all the winners! You're gonna be busy @boxcarblue .
Guess denim isn't my thing. Maybe spandex or leather... 🤘


I thought about writing it seems like everyone but rt395 picked a lucky line, but stopped myself. Yeah, three promo posts, that might be tricky.


It's ok, I can handle the abuse, I'm married. 😅

@boxcarblue - thanks for the nice surprise this week :) For those people that say they never win anything - I was one of those too so please tell your friends about it!


I'm glad to hear your luck is changing plushzilla. Thanks for playing!

O friend happy to hear that I have, won the resteem contest. I don't believe it, I have never win anything like that so thank you so much. It increases my inspiration, thanks.


That's great to hear. Ride the wave of inspiration and write some great posts.

Thank you so much !!!


You're welcome Shogo. Thanks for playing.


Thanks so much for the fun game @boxcarblue! I have been enjoying this quite a bit.

Really appreciate the kind mention and the resteems. What a nice surprise after such a long day!


I'm glad you're enjoying these games. I was happy to have an excuse to finally read some of your posts. The Steemitbc interview intrigued me, but I never got around to checking out your posts. I'm curious, how does one apply your readings to oneself? Do we just pick up on what seems relevant to us, or are you writing to specific people?


That's so cool of you to say and it means a lot to me that you checked me out. I have been enjoying steemitbc and the great people who've been so responsive.

As for the readings...the ones I do M-F are sort of like spirit lotteries where I call upon the strongest energies to give me some of the messages that may be important to people passing through my space.

I also do private readings for people, where I'm only focused on their specific energies. And once a month, I'm doing a general reading that breaks down the energies of the month in a tarot horoscope.


Do you consider those who read your posts to be passing through your space? I'm very curious about how that works. I'll keep an eye on things and see how they apply/connect to me.

This is such a surprise for me. It's nice to be in the lottery jackpot. I congratulate the other winners. Thank you, @boxcarblue! Everyone else better luck next time.


Congratulations! And keep up the great culturevulture posts you've been doing.

Thank you so much ! I was surprised when I saw my steemit name! I'll join again ;)


Please do!

Thank you. I'm happy.