ROUND 7 of Guess That Username Contest begins NOW! Win SBD and get to know one another! Featured Steemian @truconspiracy

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Guess That Username Contest


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Goals for This Contest:

  • Build community
  • Have Fun
  • Make a bunch of sweet crypto for those who choose to participate!


Have you wondered what’s the meaning behind some of your fellow Steemians usernames?

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I know I have. Some of the names out there are so creative and intriguing, yet I've never taken the time to find out what they mean. I've now just begun to communicate with my fellow Steemians on Discord, but with such little time and so many neat people, I needed a way to speed up the process. This contest will hopefully achieve that goal.

Most of us didn’t have a hand in choosing our RLN (Real Life Names) so when we’re given the opportunity to create usernames online, what drives us to choose what we’ve chosen? Our usernames are our own personal chosen signatures to the world. What do they all mean? Inquiring minds want to know!

As a seeker of truth, I want to know what is the mystery of the origins to my fellow Steemians usernames. Through this contest I hope to shed some light on our more obscure and bizarre Steemians. This contest will tell us a lot about them and about ourselves through our responses and interactions.

So, let’s have some fun, shall we?


Here’s the rules:

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  • I will nominate and then interview a fellow Steemian each week as to how they came up with their username.

  • Contestants will give their best explanation to the meaning behind the mystery of that username in the comment section of the contest post. You can choose to be serious, or just be creative and funny, your choice.

  • Contestants will upvote (with a minimum 25% upvote power) that weeks contests post. Resteeming is not necessary, but much appreciated.

  • Maximum 2 entries per Steemian.


There are two ways to win:

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  • The original username owner will determine whose answer is most accurate


  • The most creative answer will be determined by me, yours truly.

In case of a tie (that being a same accurate or creative answer). The winner will be determined by who commented first.


There are two ways to be disqualified:

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  • If you contact or have had contact with the nominated user and ascertained the meaning of their username, you are resolutely disqualified.

  • If the nominated user is a Real Life Friend (RLF) you should be ashamed of yourself for associating with such riff-raff and you are soundly disqualified by the guilt of your association.

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The whole point of this contest is to meet new people and learn new things.

It’s not just about winning SBD.

You are on the honor system when participating. So, be honorable and don’t let your inside knowledge drive you crazy for filthy lucre.



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  • Each winner will receive 25% of this posts payout in SBD!

  • The nominated username owner will also receive 25% of this post payout.

PLUS, each winner will receive 5 SBD from me!

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ALSO: If you nominate a username and I use it in an upcoming round, I will reward your participation with 1 SBD!


The contest will begin each Monday with the winners being announced via the interview post I will put out the following Sunday.

It is my hope that through this fun game we will all get a better chance to know each other, especially some of the more humble members of Steemit.

Without Further Ado:

Round 7's Nominee is @truconspiracy!

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@truconspiracy please be so kind as to send me your background story and what contestant you think were the closest to the actual meaning sometime before this upcoming Sunday afternoon. You can email me @ [email protected] Thanks!

Good Luck to All the Contestants!

Let the games begin!


Thanks for Reading!


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