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RE: Who Wants My 100% Autovote for the Next Year?

in #contest4 years ago

Really neat incentive that you are willing to support a good quality poster for a whole year. I would love to be this person. I like to post every day at least one or two posts. I am into photography (especially taking pictures of my agates). I like to share my dreams and anything else that comes to mind, including my adventures. Feel free to stop by and check out my work. You can see how the quality of my work has progressed. I even bought a new nikon to provide better content. I'm learning photoshop techniques and more.

There is also a lot of abuse happening around here. While any upvote is appreciated, I am in this for the long haul. I hope that Steemit succeeds far into the future and I plan on making sure that Steemit stays successful by using my voting power to curate good content and flag bad content, up to and including rewards pool abuse. Too much of it is going on and not enough is being done.

With that said, I'm all about having fun and enjoying the platform. Doing that brings rewards, and my most profitable comments and posts I really enjoyed writing. Either way, you wouldn't be making a mistake by choosing me. With great voting power comes great responsibility, and I look forward to more financial freedom by protecting this Utopia. I am not sure how you're picking each winner, but I still enjoyed sharing my thoughts with you.


It also looks like you've filled up all the spots, that's cool too. Good luck to the contestants!

Check back next week when I open up 20 more slots. I hope you can get in then, cheers!

Plan on it, thanks!

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