Breaking News! The PIVX Wallet now available on Google Play!! 20 PIVX Giveaway to celebrate - The PIVX Fairy Strikes Again.

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The 28th of July 2017 is a historic day for the PIVX team. We are proud to announce the release of our Mobile Wallet for Android (now available on Google Play).

PIVX mobile wallet.jpg

I was just speaking with Chad (a senior member of the PIVX marketing team) and asked him about staking on our Mobile Wallet, and how we were tracking for an iOS release? He said:

"No staking and should only be used for transactions. We'd still recommend keeping your major holding on desktop. iOS is in the works, but Apple is a hard one to crack for crypto!"

To celebrate the release of our Android wallet I will personally send 1 PIVX to the first 20 people to download a PIVX wallet (desktop or mobile) and leave their PIVX deposit address in the comments below.

The competition will close at 3:30pm AEST (Aussie time) on August 4th, 2017. Resteem if you want your mates to get in on the free PIVX. Upvote if you love equality, and most importantly leave your deposit address for your FREE PIVX!

The Wallet can be downloaded here:


Fish The PIVX Fairy (the blogger formerly known as @beachbuminvestor, lols)


avid follower. cant wait to hodl it!


Hey Kev, same Kev from the YouTube comments? I really appreciate the support mate. Thanks for the address. I'll wait until we've got 20 and then pay all the winners at one.

Speak soon, legend!

Kev. 5 PIV for you mate. I have a habit of getting generous with good people. Thanks again for the support.

hey thanks man.
you provide responses, informative content while doing what you love. i find this rare on steem. i like this platform. thank you for the leg up. I love buying & holding crypto. PIVX was next on my list.
i am a follower of highoncoins, and i came across your channel several weeks ago. Its nice to interact with all chill crypto fanatics

I got the wallet downloaded I am ready for my PIVX Coin


On behalf of the PIVX team, thank you. Your 1 PIV has been sent!

Thank You for the 1 PIV
It was so exciting to have someone like yourself share this with others. My UP vote back at you, Grateful today......

Wow great news! Can't wait to try it out myself... There aren't many other cryptos that have proper android wallets, right?!

Here is the link in case someone wonders:

Upvoted for the additional info. Where is your deposit address? I'd love to double your prize to 2 PIVX for helping out the community.

Sweet thanks for the nice gesture. I'm okay on the pivx front but maybe send the two PIV to my wife :-) DTtwnmXsbM6JBaa81cByQaqBZj2PiPnMad

Thanks again

What a legend! For sure..... sending now.


Just got Downloaded


Can I really give 2 PIVX for taking a screenshot of the actual wallet?...... I just did. Double Prize! Well Done! Upvoted and followed too.

Just downloaded. Here is my wallet. Thanks!

1 PIVX has been sent. A new find for me. Now following this legend!

Fish, setting this mobile wallet up was so easy. Love it. DQSNsAWT8FCtxrQHexYj1rcXWZPB7zxQCY

To a great father, an amazing person, and a beautiful family. 10 PIVX coming your way. Nick and I have been chatting long before I was in giveaway mode. We met on steemit, and I hope to visit him and his family in the States really soon (depending on how busy I'm kept at PIVX, lol).

Stoked the wallet was easy for you. Let me know if you have any trouble with the desktop wallet. If you are using this to start the girls a saving fund it would be best to have it "staking" and earning interest. We do not have this feature on our Mobile Wallets.

Speak soon mate,



1 PIVX sent. BOOM! Now dacs what I'm talkin bout. lols



Thanks for entering. 1 PIVX is on it's way!

Thanks, Fish!

Hey im new in PIVX

I love welcoming new Pivians. Thanks for entering and for joining the PIVX community.

1 PIVX sent. Fish


Cool. PIVX masternode


What up, papercutbut?
I sent some PIVX that's what's up.
Hope you enjoy this small gift,
designed to give your spirits a lift.

MC Fish

Downloaded and works perfectly, can't wait for my first PIVX

Well, I'd better not make you wait any longer..... BOOM! 1 PIVX coming your way. Yewww!



hi fish fairy i got the wallet


And Fish The PIVX Fairy just left a sneaky little PIVX surprise in your wallet. lol. Thanks for downloading the wallet @saigon. Much Love



Just cashed up this legend with 1 PIVX. Stoked!!! Thanks for entering.


So going to try this wallet out.

Exciting stuff. Onwards and Upwards.

Exciting indeed..... just like the free PIVX I have just sent to you. Yewww! Stoked for your comment too! Followed.


Thanks man!

No worries mate. Always happy to help out the students. There are at least 3 packets of instant noodles for you in that 1 PIVX I just sent you. Yewww! lol


@beachbuminvestor hey mate how are you? This is gonna be big. I'm in.


Me and the snake have the love of the ocean to thank for our friendship....... that and Steemit. I'll get some PIVX coming your way really soon. The dev team will fix the problems I caused with my wallet, then boom. The PIVX fairy is back. lol

Speak soon legend.

Much love. Fish

@beachbuminvestor hey mate got the PIVX you sent now I just need to make it grow lol. Thanks a bunch for introducing PIVX. Been doing a little bit of photography challenge lately. I need to see the ocean soon cause I'm burnt from work. Catch ya later cheers.

Went through your last 10 posts luckily :)


And now I am hoping PIVX sends me to Miami... lol. I have had a small delay paying out all the PIVX. Thanks for being patient. I am a computer idiot and the PIVX dev team are helping me get it sorted out today. Yewwww.

Just found and followed, and upvoted. Nice to meet you @jonipilo. Thanks for dropping in...... surfer pun.

Love Fish