LANDSCAPE/SEASCAPE CONTEST WEEK #001 - SPONSORED BY @block-lotto - 3.000 SBD in prizes! - Submissions post

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"Sometimes you just have to go with the waves"

Here is BRAND NEW weekly contest. Bring us your visions of landscapes and seascapes



Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!

Copyright: @axeman

1The contest is open for entire STEEMIT community
3Entries must be original work - NO PLAGIARISM
5The entry/photo or artwork must be in COMMENTS to this thread, add link to initial post if you like
6Short description is warmly welcome
7You may submit ONE(1) entry per week
8All entries must be submitted by the Thursday following this post (24.00Hrs CET)
9Upvote and resteem / support good initiatives. Note, upvote could be 1% even, your concern and action matters, not final figures

All entries will be judged on basis of visual impact/creativity and quality/techniques. This is PHOTOGRAPHY contest, don't forget :)
So go outside and be creative

1st place - 1.200 SBD
2nd place - 1.000 SBD
3rd place - 0.800 SBD

Honorable mentions


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Happy to participate to his new contest. I present here the dream of all of you who love the isolated beach landscape. This is Coco Keelings Islands. Enjoy !


Great theme, thanks for organizing the contest! Here goes my entry:

Serene at the end of a day, visited your post @pardinus

Thank you for the support @joanstewart!

Here is my entry( A panorama from 3900m)


Looks good!

Cheers man. Feels great coming from you.

Many thanks for making this contest, here is my entry.
Dovercourt Lighthouse - a monochrome minimalist seascape.


Click here or on the image to be taken to the post

Congrats with a first ever entry for this new contest :D And yeah, looks stunning!

Cheers dude :)

Nice story attached to time of this post @richee visited you.

Great to see more photography competitions popping up on Steemit. So many great photos so early as well. Congrats on creating it! My post today is from Antarctica, one of the truly wild places left on the planet.

Great entry!!! Can you pin-point the location of this shot? Where abouts ?

Hi! I didn't notice if we can use a photo which was posted on Steemit earlier, or not.
I will try this one

Good luck to this contest! 8)

Since not stated that you can't... the you CAN :D And thanks for entry

Here is my entry for this week, thank you so much for hosting! And the link to my post. :)


Hi Ruslan,

Nice to see you hosting your own contest.
I will try my luck with the entry below and on the other hand wish you the best of luck with your new contest.

My entry:
Col du Galibier is one of the world most famous mountain passes. It was on schedule for many Tour de France cycling races before and next year the best riders will give their best effort to climb up there again…
In year 2017 when it was the last race on this French mountain pass Slovenian athlete Primož Roglič won the stage! He is a wonder boy (now with his 29 years he is more of a man) who firstly compete in ski jumping and also won a team gold medal in year 2007, later changed his sport for cycling as a result of an injury at ski jumping…
This is one of the most sensational sports stories that I know.

Primož was also a good reason that also I attacked Col du Galibier last year and I was rewarded with that beautiful landscape…

Please click on the image to enlarge

Link to original post:

Here is my entey of Mt Hutt in New Zealand. A great place to go snowboarding ☺

Thanks for entry!

Thanks for hosting this contest!
My 1st entry:
The "Elbe" after passing the Czech border, going west towards Hamburg. A pretty sight, with a sunset like this one. Surrounded by Sandstone mountains, green valleys and endless plains on its way up north west.


Think you had some great last minute additions to your contest @axeman 🤙

Definitely.. gonna be tough choice today... :)

I agree on that! Good luck with judging today👍

Great to see photography contests running thanks @axeman my entry to join in #001 of Contest.

Hope it's not too late to enter!

This is Praia da Santa Rita on the west coast of Portugal. I often shoot long exposures at the rocks a bit further down the beach but when the tide is out the sand settles into intricate patterns that reflect the setting sun perfectly.

click on the image to view full screen

No problem.. happens )

Hello. Share a picture of my hometown taken last winter when skiing on a mountain across the fjord.
Best regards Harald


Amazing view!

— Blood Is Thicker Than Water —
I just discovered this great new contest in the very last minute ~ 🌟 ~ Thank You very much for hosting it...!...
Quite fitting for the time around Halloween I am submitting this ˋBlood Lake´ — the deep reflection of the ˋred wood´ in the water has always thrilled me ~ especially when set in such brilliant contrast to the reed plus the bluish plank that I am standing on admits this moor landscape that we have here in Lower Austria :)

My entry to the first round of this contest (I hope it will last for quite some time 🙂) is a photo taken somewhere in the North of Romania. Sky and land meeting but never touching themselves.


Nice one @axeman, I did miss the original post. Thanks for the reminder you just posted!

Will try it with a picture from scrolling through my Flickr, don't have another option while sitting here at work.

Iceland seascape
You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage

Thank you! Loving yours at the Elbe with the great orange colors as well! Is that where you live?

Good luck to the new contest and to all the contestants! I see a lot of amazing entries here :)


I would like to contribute one shot of my favorite destination in Greece. Koufonisi Island is a tiny roundish island , 3 km in diameter, surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters where I have found relaxation, calmness and a very pleasant low-key vibe along with numerous excuses to enjoy the Aegean Sea and the Greek sun!

Here's one from the wilds of Orange County California


7 million people live within an hours drive from here and not one of them is out there surfing. Sometimes i get lucky!

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