GIVEAWAY TIME! Free Handcrafted Leather Goods made by Armadilloman EVEN MORE PRIZES TO CHOOSE FROM Giveaway No. FIVE

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The Crypto collapse and the price of STEEM got you down?  Would winning something BIG perk you up a bit?  

It's time again for another one of Armadilloman's leather accessories giveaways!!! Since I arrived on Steemit 4 months ago, I have given away hundreds of dollars worth of hand crafted leather items.  And I am not done yet giving things away to my fellow Steemians!  
And you get to pick your prize!  Like the last four giveaways, you are going to be able to pick a handcrafted-by-Armadilloman prize with values from $25-$100, including Steem and Steemit branded items.  Check out the new items for this giveaway including, hand tooled leather belts and card wallets and shark skin and ostrich wallets.  One of them could be yours!

I am going to try and do one of these giveaways every 8 or so weeks, to thank you, all my followers, soon to be followers, Good Stemians all,  for your kind attention and support.  The winner will be able to choose one of the following prizes with a retail value from $25-100: Left to right clockwise-- 

  • Hand tooled and hand colored 1 1/2" Leather Belt.  This is an original pattern, for that matter this is the only one of these in existence, so you will have a truely unique item.  I can cut this to fit size 29 to size 47.
  • Handcrafted Steem symbol buckle. 2" x 3" will fit on a 1 1/4-1 1/2" belt with snaps to remove the buckle
  • Hand tooled check book/long wallet.  Still write checks?  Then you need this.
  • Hand tooled and hand colored 1 1/2" Leather Belt.  This is an original pattern, for that matter this is the only one of these in existence, so you will have a truely unique item.  I can cut this to fit size 29 to size 40.
  • Hand colored Ostrich leg snap on rubber iPhone 7 case 
  • Hand tooled and hand colored iPhone 7 snap on rubber phone case.
  • Hand embossed and colored iPhone 7 (will fit a 6 as well) Steemit rubber snap-on phone case.
  • Hand tooled and colored iphone 7 (a 6 will fit as well) flip cover phone case. 
  • Hand textured black cowhide Right Eye Patch for costume or every day wear.  One size fits most.  Antique nickel plate rivets down the straps. 
  • Black Sharkskin Left Eye Patch for costume or every day wear.  One size fits most. 
  • Black tooled rocker/biker belt with large silver rivets and no-buckle, snap closure design. Will fit 33-35 belt size
  • Handcrafted black quill back Ostrich 3 pocket horizontal card wallet -- will hold 4-6 cards
  • Handcrafted black Caiman Crocodile 3 pocket horizontal card wallet -- will hold 3-5 cards
  • Handcrafted black cherry Ostrich leg vertical card wallet money clip -- metal clip on back, will hold 6-8 cards AND your cash.
  • Handcrafted brown Lizard skin Card Wallet.  Three pockets to hold 3-5 cards.
  • Handcrafted Black Shark Leather large card wallet designed for oversized ID cards.
  • Handcrafted Ostrich leg (ostrich toe actually) wrist band/bracelet.  Triple snaps will fit wrist size 6,7 and 8.
  • Hand embossed and colored 2" wide STEEM logo bracelet/wrist band.  This will be custom cut to your wrist size with snaps closure.

Understand I make a LOT of things.  A day scarcely goes by that I don't finish something.  I have all kinds prototypes, materials tests and items I have withdrawn from the Etsy shop just lying around.  I will gladly pass some of those items along to interested Steemians rather then just let them sit in a box at home.  

Just please follow these Giveaway Rules:

1-- Follow me if you have not done so already!

2-- PLEASE consider uppvoting this post (100% if possible) to help defray the shipping charges!

3-- Resteem this post

4-- Comment below with the magic phrase "I want to win!" AND tag one of your followers that you think might like to enter the giveaway as well.  

5-- Previous winners ARE WELCOME to enter again.  Who knows, lightning may strike twice!

6-- Those with mailing addresses outside of the USA are welcome to enter, but you must be willing to kick in 10-18 SBD towards the shipping of any item.  International shipping rates from the US have gone up and to send anything larger then a letter is painful.

At the close of the contest The Winner will chose ONE of the prizes from the list.  The person you have tagged in your entry will win one share of  Steem Basic Income in their name as a second prize!

This  contest will be over on July 8, 2018 (two 7 day cycles) OR when at least 35 participants have joined the drawing.  If we get 35 participants in one 7 day cycle, great, that will end it.  If not we will go another cycle till we get at least 35 total entrants..  I will write down the names of every one who comments below with the magic phrase and has tagged a follower and I will draw one winner out of the Armadilloman steampunk sorting hat.  

Does this all make sense?  

Please ask questions you have.   And feel free to ask me about the details of any of the pictured prizes.  Good Luck To Everyone!

Check out the ArmadilloLeather shop on Etsy for lots more hand crafted items made by Armadilloman!

To maximize my time, I do most of my upvoting and following through Steem Engine.  You should too! 

Modern Rock fans?  You should be listening to Sweet Ascent

Like Rock Guitar?  Check out this.

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I want to win! I'm tagging my wife @bridgetmartin. She would love one of those cell phone cases. Thanks for having this contest Armadillo Man!


How much do you charge for a hat like this you make? And could you make one even more colorful? Like a raibow leather hat?
leather hat.jpg

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great job @armadilloman I want to win and I'm tagging @smithlabs

I want to win! Tagging @lturner, I bet she wants to win too!


I want to win! @randomphandom, checkout those card wallets. 👍

I want to win! @medicinewheel you should check this out!

I want to win. @fraenk, consider yourself tagged 😉

I want to win! @docsmith - and whilst i have you both on the same thread. 3 way steem collab...can we make this happen, blade from you @docsmith, sheath from you @armadilloman and im keen to wrap the handle and maybe some of the sheath too...chuck it up on here till we get enough interest to raffle it?

I want to win @josefinemk!!

I want to win @benjels

I want to win! @wonderwop may like this contest, too. :)

Thank you @armadilloman to cheer us up and to involve the Steemit community. You are a great artist in leather processing. Compliments.
Thank you for participating in my competition.
Upvote and resteem to my 768 followers.

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