Free SBD Contest | Upvote to Enter! | Giveaway #14

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Hi! I have seen many of these contests and decided to make my own! The rules are simple, upvote this and be in the draw to win free SBD! One randomly selected person will win the full SBD amount!

Some of you may have noticed, the 5 random used to be frequent and the 1 random used to be daily but I have decided to reverse that. So now, the 5 winners will happen once a day and the one with 1 random winner winning all SBD may happen between 0-3 times a day!


  1. Upvote!


Contests will be held 1-4 times per day.
Rewards will be distributed between 7-8 days after the time of posting

Follow me for more daily contests!

Check out #arctangiveaways to participate on any previous giveaways you may have missed!


I hope I am among the winners

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