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It has always being one of man's quest to stay competitive while deriving fun from exercising such activities which keeps him in this overdrive mood. One of the channels via which man has conveniently filled these voids out of his busy schedule is **by engaging in Social Gaming activities** such as :Riding some tanko down the alley or firing away at any blood-thirsty zombie in sight around the hood. All these activities keeps your senses active while every scenes plays out right out of your mobile or desktop devices. Although virtual but immersive.

However, these undetachable qualities are not peculiar to any age group which is why the gaming industry has witnessed an exponential growth over the last decades or so; although rather expectedly, there is reportedly higher participation of youths between the age 19-25 in this fun sector. It is expected that the global social gaming market will reach a market value of 17.4 Billion US Dollars by 2019 growing at a CAGR of 16.1%

But the truth is that if we look beyond the surface, many participants in this lucrative industry are not enjoying the fun-ride totally. Therefore there is need to identify the plots that seeks to cut-short the fun-ride as it pertains to major players in the gaming industry.


Challenges Faced By the Major Players In the Social Gaming Industry


  • Game developers and Gamers Untold Story

Fast-Changing technology is obviously a major challenge for developers who have to learn a lot within a short time inorder to be relevant in the technology space and game developers are not an excluded as well since attention is fast shifting to the use and deployment of a secure and trustless blockchain technology in all the major sectors for everyday use including the entertainment industry.

However, before the blockchain, game developers use to battle with scarcity of resources; such as time constraints and cost of a project could effectively delay the execution of an idea to a real marketable product; effectively affecting the quality of games that gamers have access to.


  • Inherent Blockchain Scalability Issue

Apart from regulation issues, most players in the crypto space are aware of the underlying issues of scalability which stands in the way of wide adoption for blockchain and cryptocurrency . This pose a challenge to developers as well since this games will likely be accessed by thousands of people at a time making the constraint of using the blockchain for time transactions or matchmaking seems too slow and not adequate for game hosting. This represents the genesis of the problem for deploying blockchain-based gaming.


A Brief History of Blockchain-based Gaming

images (32).jpeg

This idea of a highly scalable solution described above is not just conceived but is already-in-motion since 2013 when the first decentralised, blockchain-based multiplayer game, huntercoin, was launched by XAYA's team of experienced, blockchain gaming developers which also comprised of a rich-source of developers who have also worked on the Namecoin experiment.

The First's Feats : huntercoin

  • First decentralized massively multiplayer game
  • First game world built on the blockchain
  • First human mining permissible cryptocurrency
  • First multi algo currency

The backlog of experience gained by the team from these two seperates, but remarkable events has launched XAYA into the fore-front of helping game developers with the tools and infrastructure to help them build and deploy their own provably fair games in a decentralised autonomous universe.

In this model, apart from leveraging XAYA's technology to build decentralised games, developers can issue their own currency that can be traded for 'CHI' or other XAYA game coins or assets
Source : Whitepaper, page 5


Introducing XAYA


Xaya is a platform that enables the development of rich and intricate virtual worlds hosted in a decentralized manner without the need for servers.

Furthermore, Xaya in addition to being a cryptocurrency is essentially a blockchain-based gaming and virtual item trading platform.


XAYA Blockchain Architecture Explained

Stemming from their rich-history and success with the Huntercoin experiment in 2013, the
Xaya platform was borne to arrest the niggling issue of developing fun games of any scale on the blockchain whilst removing the need for a capital intensive server infrastructure.

Xaya economy is fuelled by the 'CHI' utility token which serves different use cases within the platform.

Xaya platform will be open for game developers to access prebuilt libraries, utility tools for game development and deployment whilst also offering the needed guidance to create and manage their virtual assets within the XAYA ecosystem while gamers can easily access the inbuilt trading market place to purchase their virtual items/products such as Powerups, using the in-game currency or its 'CHI' equivalent in a completely decentralized, Peer-to-Peer fashion similar.

Via a CHI-denominated coin economy, XAYA aims to drive the liquidity high whilst boosting it usage as more developers sign up to the platform. Developers and interested parties will have the oppurtunity to acquire CHI coin cheaply via their ongoing TEP (Token Exchange Period) event.

     Chi coin can be use to buy and trade  
     games, items and accounts within the 
     Xaya ecosystem.


Xaya innovative Solution For Game Developers


Game Channels

Inspired by bitcoin lightning network which is a concept developed to allow for off-chain and instantaneous transaction between two parties without putting burden on the main blockchain network; Game channels was created to similar effect. Game channels technology was instituted in 2015 by Xaya.

Therefore game channels are private chain that allows off-chain interactions in a secure manner while allowing on-chain settlements between both parties trustlessly

Game channels will allow moves to be recorded on a private sidechains.An innovative use of game channel within the XAYA's ecosystem is illustrated in this turn-based game by two active players denoted A and B in the image.

image (5).png

It is obvious how game channels will help game developers to build a fast consensus scheme between gamers on the XAYA's platform. Deploying this protocol will help maintain some useful traits such as

  • Integrity

It is impossible for any gamer to forge their moves since each party is required to sign his move and the current game state is well-defined and verifiable to every party that has the private blockchain of moves. This is possible due to digital signatures and hash-chain structures.

  • Non Stalling

The game channel protocol works such that each party receives their subject moves within a defined time limit. Failure to register these moves within the specified time can lead to dispute resolution process to find the winner and punish the defaulting party.

  • Fraud Proofness

This is a scheme to ensure that dispute is not resolved wrongly. Having gamer A defraud gamer B to claim unfair unilateral payment is not possible since the protocol allows each party to submit a sequence of moves that proves the parity of their transaction while checking if either players have played within the game rules.

  • Near Real-Time Interactions

Since games is being played out in a private game channel which doesnt require the blockchain to register every moves; this means that interactions between gamers is no longer limited by the blocksize or block time of a public blockchain.

However, the private channel will only build a history of the all moves when triggered by any of the party: such as in case of dispute resolution, else the blockchain will discard the moves if no disagreement occurs.

All this factors contribute to the high scalability of the XAYA's blockchain.

Therefore with XAYA, it is possible for game developers to build their own autonomous game universe with unlimited complexity on a privately owned channels without moving such interactions onto the blockchain while the public blockchain will only be neccessary for global management of the game worlds (in a process called sharding ) and for dispute resolution.

This is why XAYA's expansive platform is able to offer developer the chance to build and manage their own autonomous game universe on three different premises without compromising scalability as outlined below

This provides a high flexibility for developers to hone their skill on different channels and easily monetise their input as the owner of the game in a provably fair manner.


Virtual Asset Trading Platform


This is an inherent feature of the Xaya blockchain as games are hosted on a virtual private game channels which consequently offers gamers and users the oppurtunity to easily exchange virtual items into real monetary assets informs of cryptocurrency. Xaya trading platform is void of bots.


Ephemeral Time Stamps

Along with game channels, Xaya is adopting the concept of ephemeral time stamps to deal with in-game disputes. It achieves this by combining a fraud proof protocol that checks for parity in the set of moves submitted by both parties, while using the merkle hash commitment proofing to establish where the truth lies.

With each party transaction fee sufficiently subsidised due to the amortized mining incentives, dispute claims can be made easily and resolved quickly.


Full Benefits of using the Xaya Platform

  • Full Blockchain gaming experience
  • Low cost of hosting games for developers due to serverless game hosting.
  • A pre-built library of utilities and tools to help developers achieve faster game development
  • Open sourced community of developers and gamers
  • Varieties of Complex games can be hosted fully on Xaya including collectible card games, RTS/MOBA , Turn-based and MMORPGs games.
  • An inbuilt asset storage and trading platform
  • No third party politics
  • User controlled accounts
  • Already-in-use by gaming studios


Features of Xaya Platform

  • Being Provably Fair
  • Being decentralized and autonomous environments
  • True item ownership and fair acquisition
  • 24/7 Up-time
  • Play to Earn gaming Experience
  • Fraud Proof trading
  • Human mining
  • Gaming without the use of scripts or what you call cheat
  • Trading without the use of bots
  • Atomic trading for trustless trading of game items, game currencies


Use Cases

Having developed many key concepts since their sojourn into the blockchain world, It is evident
Xaya is building a potent collection of tools and libraries to effectively solve many of the underlying issues affecting wide cryptocurrency adoption.

Some of their legacy intellectual property can be applied to solve issues in gaming industry or other sectors. Let's look at some examples

  • Testing and Compatibility tool

It makes for good argument to claim that the last 10% of game development is more important than the first 90% because this marks the period before full deployment.
Inorder for game developer to leave a lasting impression on their audience, they must test for bugs, weird anomalies or badly executed features and make corrections before launching the product.

Xaya host of utility tools will help game developers to stay in control of their app so that any last minute fail is avoided while the can be launched successfully on the platform.

  • Transfer of value between games

Bjorn is a game freakster who bet his life on coursing his skills through any game. But then he has being playing, Dota2, one of his favorite game for some time now without being able to outclass his opponent. But then he remembers playing Dota1 with so much success. So inorder for him to deploy similar techniques in Dota2 he needs to acquire expensive virtual items which he has already acquired in Dota1.

Assuming Dota1 was being played on
Xaya platforn initially , he can easily transfer some of the items he deployed in Dota1 to formulate his strategy and continue to win games again.

  • Decentralised Court System

Mr wan met fred through an online freelancing website and employs him to design a website for his new company. But after meeting all the requirements of the job description, Mr wan still deems his work of low quality and consequently didnt agree to pay fred in full. This incident left fred frustrated and underpaid after putting in so much to deliver the work on time.

A platform like Xaya could combine its fraud proof protocol and merkel hash commitment scheme to resolve this dispute easily by making the terms and condition of the contract serve as the commit for both parties while locking funds into the contract. So incase a dispute arise as described above, the disgruntled party in this case fred could trigger the dispute resolution protocol to get his full payment if he proves succesfully to the protocol that all the terms and conditions were met.

In this kind of arrangement, a freelancing website could deploy the Xaya platform to resolve customer disputes.



Xaya formerly chimera aims to drive a fully democratise blockchain-based game development but to achieve this they need to make some short journey, cross some T's and dot some I's. So far, so good they are heading in the right direction by arresting scalability issues, deploying experienced team, making important partnerships and building practical technologies.


TEP Information

image (6).png

Presale : ended with over $2.5million CHI sold.
Main Sale : Ongoing
Minimum Contribution : 1000 CHI which translates to around €130 depending on the current BTC value
Token Supply : 150 000 000 CHI

Join Main Sale Here




Core Team Members


Check out the full team here


For More Information

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