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Vertex Market

As many of us already know, the world of cryptocurrencies has had a great boom in recent years, adding more and more investors, users and platforms with benefits that give value to the generated cryptocurrencies. Its great difference with respect to the common market, is its decentralized system that has managed to make think of this crypto space as the alternative of being the economic system of the future. For this reason, many investments are made from movements of critomonedas where in some occasions they can be very complicated and numerous. In addition, many investors, as users attracted by this crypto system, run risks when investing in the market, where sometimes they do not conclude in the best way, generating large losses.

Vertex emerges as a new single market creating a solid financial system for investors and users where they can make their investments and cryptocurrencies in a more secure and profitable way.


What is Vertex?

Vertex is a decentralized platform that offers a unique market creating a profitable and safe financial ecosystem of cryptocurrencies for all the users that make the investments in the platform.

How Vertex work?

This platform will have a token called VTEX that will serve to be able to use the benefits of the platform. Users must possess these tokens in order to buy the ICO tokens that this platform will offer at a reduced price with respect to the public sale. Once the sale is finished, the ICO will be offered to the users who will be able to buy them with the Vertex tokens on the platform.

If you want to know more, watch this video:


What is Vertex token?

The platform token (VTEX) is an Ethereum ERC20 token that will be distributed in 30 days:

Sin título.png

The platform will offer a secure wallet with a private key and ERC-20 compatible.

What ICOs will Vertex offer?

The ICOs that the platform will offer will be those that meet the evaluation criteria that are based on risk capital and negotiation experience.

Benefits of Vertex


This platform will allow users to invest in the most reliable and secure ICOs in the market, they can also buy them at a lower price than the public sale where each user will have the same opportunities to invest in ICO.

The ICOs that meet the requirements will receive publicity among the users of the platform, generating early purchases and benefiting the project.

This platform will help contribute to raise the quality of the projects developed and also generate more confidence in this world of the crypto so that there are more and more investors in the market.

How to register

1.You must go to the official website of the platform:

2.You must click on the icon marked "Sign up to join"


3.Place your email, the password click on the captcha and then click on the "Register" icon.


4.You must activate your email, to make it, go to your email and click on the "Verify email" icon that the platform sends.

5.And now we have our account and email activated.

I hope you liked and that it helps them to register in this innovative platform.

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