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front lap.jpg


what i want.jpg


Please take your time and make it nice and colorful,
and be creative ! Surprise me with something original,
because as you probably noticed, we got some real
talents here already ! :-)

basic rules and info.jpg


PLEASE NOTE- If there are less than 20 players, the contest's payout
may change ! ( less winners too )
So please spread the word, resteem this post !

I am looking forward to see your drawings !

THE CONTEST ENDS ON APRIL 2nd. (next Monday)

hav fun.jpg

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we were once camping in germany with Barbara and her darling...So good memories ! =D

ooo so cute! I would take him around the world too :)

I can travel with steemians...LoL I will spend a week at holiday skiing with my great friend @pipurilla from Luxembourg ;-) I'm a happy lucky gnome indeed =))

ooow, that's even better, I like your little friend ;)

Thanks for sharing ! :-)

Thank You :-)

You are welcome. Thanks for the great contests. @agneslaczo

thank You :-)

You're welcome, thanks for the contest

Seems like the contest is running out of juice ...
I guess people are discouraged , until the currency goes back up.. or i don't know what to think.
I will check your drawing soon. and Thank You ! :-)

Well, Easter is coming, some people have a long weekend, from Friday to Thursday, some of us are busy, I don't know, this is just my opinion. Either way, maybe you should extend the submission period. Make it two weeks. Just a thought.
As about my drawing, .... don't bother 😏 it's the worst so far.

I have been working on my drawing, I hope to finish it soon. ☺

Thanks for letting me know ! :-)

Hello here I present my drawing, made only with crayons and a few colored markers. Describe a landscape of camping ... Let's not get discouraged and keep on having fun with @agneslaczo

Thank You :-)

thank You :-)

thank You :-)

Carpe diem, @agneslaczo. Espero que tengas un bonito día. He aquí mi participación:
Listo Camping.jpg

thank You :-)


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Hello everyone! First I want to thank @agneslaczo for these fun contests.
This is my final artwork:


thank you :-)

thank You :-)

thank you :-)

Oh God! 😕


My drawing is ready 😉

Es mikor lehet megpillantani ?

Alszom rá egyet, mert nem a legjobb "mûvem", lehet még alakítok rajta. És nem is akarok elsô lenni.

thank You :-)

I like it :-)

Balaton 86 - that`s wery nice)))

Thanks a lot dear :-)

I love your contests this week I will participate! regards

yes love it!

Látom mégis van jelentkezô :)

Igen, befutottak meg paran, pedig epp gondoltam lefujom az egeszet..
( persze ez meg igy is nagyon karcsu... )

Talán majd a következôre több jelentkezô lesz.

szerintem most egy szunet jon :-(

Megértem! :(

Hi @agneslaczo! It's a very nice contest! I will try to participate :)

Looking forward to see your drawing ! :-)

Hi @agneslaczo! I did it! This is my entry :)


Here the post Dreaming...

wonderful, thank You ! :-)

Your contest was added to Steemit Contest Compilation for current week (26.03-01.04)

thank You very much ! :-)

thank YOu :-)

looks like fun at your camping

haha that's right! It's a good place for fun 😄

Imade it on time! It was so bussy everyday here, and try to get things organised for the holiday. I spend so many hours on this one, it is totally done in the Paint program and sketchbook, this time I did not hold any pencil. But I like the outcome, ofcourse I am not an artist, but I think you can see I enjoyed making this. Like everything so far! :-)

click to see big!

Thank You dear, nice and colorful too ! :-)

It was my pleasure ! And I know you like colours. I think there could have been more people in it, playing tennis or something or a couple hugging laying next to the fire. But drawing people in paint program is not that easy, so I thought I better stop here. :-) Tomorrow we leave for Crete. But on laptop I can paint colour and draw so I think I be able to joy the next one. :-)

Esta es mi participación en este hermoso y creativo concurso el cual adoro y agradezco @agneslaczo

This is my participation in this beautiful and creative contest which I adore and I thank @agneslaczo

SAM_2946 modified.jpg

thank You :-)

Thank You dear ! :-)