Goldilock - Providing Security Solution For All

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Over the years, security breach has been a major threat to the internet users which is one of the main reason the blockchain is presently experiencing major tremendous embrace and acceptance, even by governmental agencies and institutions. It, ordinarily, should be expected that this should be proffer a lasting solution is the issue to the internet users’ security breach but the even of 2010 is still fresh in the mind when someone was able to create 180 million bitcoin out of thin air

Many online security companies have sprouted over the years to provide storage service for internet users, promising to make these information secured and out of reach to online hackers and thieves but almost the opposite of this very promise has been witnessed over the time. And to have your data saved on a hard disk or flash drive is largely another risk as this can be misplaced, lost or even damaged; all these without your consent too. So lets say you decide to have your data saved in a hard drive and kept in a safe at your home? Well, lets just say this can quite provide the very much security you deserve.

But what if you need the data while you are abroad and your hard drive is safely locked away in a safe at you house miles way?

Well, this is the exact problem Goldilock has set out to solve – providing your much needed security over your data while also enabling you to have complete access to it even when you are afar but within reach of the internet.

According to its whitepaper, Goldilock sets to provide solution for

  • Consumers and institutions seeking greater security solutions for their private cryptocurrency keys than currently available from third-party hot wallets and cloud-based data storage providers
  • Consumers who require more security, flexibility, and global availability of private key custody than offered by physical hardware crypto wallets
  • Institutions seeking significant security upgrades for their users’ most sensitive digital assets by taking them fully offline when not in use, but who need to provide access to those assets at a moment’s notice.

Providing Security Solution For All

For individuals

With Goldilock, each individual/consumer is allocated an encrypted storage device which is permanently offline within a vault in the Goldilock security data center. The storage device can be prompted to be present online only by the authorization of the consumer through a secure web login via an authorisd non-IP command.

The data storage is immediately is connected from the internet as soon as the consumer is through with his/her transaction. Even Goldilock, itself, has no access to any data stored on this encrypted storage device.

For Institutions

Almost as same as that of individual, Goldilock offers service that will improve the already existing services provided by institutions to their customers. Health insitutions, financial, and legal institutions can always leverage on the Goldilock secured platform to ensure the safety and easier accessibility of their records by tapping into the capacity of Goldilock’s service.

So How does Goldilock ensures that your data is secured?

According to the whitepaper, Goldilock Wallet will run inside a web browser authenticated over SSL. Other features will include:

  • The keys for each wallet will reside on a unique, segmented, and encrypted hardware wallet device that is disconnected from the Internet.
  • The wallet will be brought online via a non-IP command and PIN/voice verification over the non-IP Public Switch Telephony Network (PSTN).
  • Upon closing the wallet, the unique hardware wallet device will be disconnected from the Internet.
  • Each wallet will maintain a unique personal assigned URL.
  • Each signed transaction will require Two-Factor Authentication.



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