And the winner is?<<<

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Oh maybe i have to set up a new hmmm rule because there are so many my Steemit friends to join my contest and they have many meaningful comments making people touched. That is really good because they are great people. However, this has caused me many difficulties:..This looks weird!

  • Although I sent the comments of the participants to my 3 friends so we voted for the winner. Those who do not win my contest can be the winner. But they comment later than others, and that is why they miss the opportunity. I always have to choose one of the three winners. Those who make good comments make us feel moved, but they are the ones who won my previous contest. I'm sure: "If they continue to participate in my competition they will always win, newcomers will not be able to win."
  • So I want to add a few new rules:
    The contest is only for those who have never won my contest three times.The competition is for those who have a good reputation from 25 to 55.
    Hahhaahah my friends have a reputation over 60 , please comment on my post because this is just a fun contest ^^

Thank you for watching my contests! Hope you sympathize with my new decision. :D

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And the winner is :

What would I do if I became a multi-millionaire?
Well, we have to be aware that a person with a lot of money can do anything, and some people think they are better than others because they have that power, but there is nothing more beautiful than having the humility before them. Being aware of a lot of money sometimes is not what gives us happiness, the fact of having life and family has to be appreciated. Money is not everything, although if I had it I would use it to:
If I were a multimillionaire, I would first allocate a certain part to my family, so that they can buy everything necessary so that they do not lack anything to live, they are the most important thing I have in my life. Second, I would use it for causes of charity, I would donate money to those places and areas in need, public hospitals and people who do not have the capacity to pay for any health issue. I would donate money to schools, to churches. more than anything to people in need, just by thinking of how many adversities they present, would be the support for countries that require socio-economic help.
Third I would use it to set up art schools, since I like that branch and I would like to share all my learnings with others who are passionate about the same thing as me.
I would also like to use it to travel and to know many beautiful places.

When entering my contest, you can share all the things you like. This is a free contest for everyone.

Rules :

  • Upvote( you can upvote 1% or 100% hahhaa) and Comment ( resteem if you like, but if two people answer the exact answer, i will choose the person who completes the steps)
  • Follow me
  • The contest is only for those who have never won my contest three times.The competition is for those who have a good reputation from 25 to 55.
  • Hahhaahah my friends have a reputation over 60 , please comment on my post because this is just a fun contest
  • Comment time ends after 22 hours from this article

Reward: 0.5 Steem - The contest will be held every day :D

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Good luck !

Contest by @a-alice

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Not me :(

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Congratz to our winner... can i suggest to you my beautiful good friend @a-alice, coz your daily comment contest is really amazing, why dont you take it to the next level? Hahaha, there are a lot of beautiful answers some are long ang some are shorts, maybe its better to have at least a criteria of minimum of 100 words but not exceeding to 300 words , we could post our answers and comment the link of our post, using the question as the title of the post, the first tag must #dailycontest, where you could choose ateast 3winners, you can split the prize to 3 winners, 0.250 to the winner, 0.150 to the 1st runner up and 0.100 to the 2nd runner up, for a more exciting contest... hope you like my comment, thank you @a-alice...😊😊😊


thank you. that's good advice. I will add your content to my new rules. thank you for this comment


It's my pleasure to contribute in your good work mam

Running contest is never easy. A lot of work involve in going through the entries and all.


I agree with you. With such a small reward, choosing the winner is very difficult. And there are many who deserve to win


Ya, got to think scalability with things like contest.
All the best to your contest.