2018 Recap

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As we come to the close of the year, I am grateful for the opportunity to do a little reflection. You may have noticed a fair amount of silence over the last couple months. I have to admit that in August and early September I was really proud of myself for scheduling posts so that I could maintain my goal of three posts a week even after my son, Michael, was born.

But as the semester wore on and strategic Human Resources Management (a lot more exciting than it sounds) ended up taking up a lot of my time and brain power I just ran out of steam at the end of October. It'll happen, and there's no need to beat myself up over it. While this year wasn't everything I hoped it would be in terms of content creation I'm extremely proud of the work that I've done and I think that I have, in fact, created some great content.

I think 2019 will prove to be really a wonderful year in terms of setting and meeting both personal and professional goals and I wanted to share some of those goals with you.

In terms of content on the blog I'm going to be aiming for one new post a week.

I say "new post" because I will also be sharing some of the academic work I've done over the last year and a half. It is my hope that you'll find my thoughts regarding various components of public and nonprofit administration to be accessible, helpful, and constructive.

Outside of this website, I have something I am truly excited about in the works and I hope to bring more details to you soon!

The biggest change that I want to drive attention to is actually quite small. You may notice there is a little button called "pay" on the right-hand side of your screen. In 2018 I really was hoping to make writing at least a little bit more lucrative and to that end I tried posting regularly on Steemit and also launching a Patreon account but I will be honest, it being a lot more work then I was really able to commit to and I don't think that that is fair to anybody. But if you find the content that your that you're reading here to be helpful I hope you'll consider contributing to the running of this site.

I am interested in hearing what you'd like to see here in 2019! What are your goals for 2019? I'd love to hear in the comments below!

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