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Hello Steemians !

Welcome to the first episode of our new series CULTURAL FOXES, where a couple of the crazy foxes are going to teach you about art, culture and everything around it. Desperate searching for an attention in social medias, instantly growing selfie-artists community and army of the clones dancing in the same way in the same clubs to the same vain hits constantly repeated by the same commercial radios make foxes feel disgusted. Standing in an opposite to this common-(f)art we would like to introduce you a slightly controversial group named


Behind this name we can find a multi-disciplinary concept represented by a lovely couple
Steven Raj Bhaskaran and Hannah Rose Dalton.

More than 260.000 followers are constantly feeded by their uncensored liberate manifesto via every possible information's channel. As a result of the concerns about the negative sides of the pop-culture and its impact on the mindless society of scrollers and clickers, Fecal Matters is representing values of the deepest fears of the provoked mankind.


Standing in complete opposition to the clichés of the nowadays, Steven and Hannah are promoting critical thinking, freedom of expression and ideas of reaching for the forbidden dark desires. Duo doesn't restrict themselves to the one form of art. Questionable realities are shown through the explosive combination of design, music, live performances, photography, filming and clothing line completely created and labeled by Fecal Matters



Established in January 2016, Fecal Matters Clothing presents an alternative to restrictive beauty. Based on their interpretation of the cycle of consumption and concerns how valueless the fashion industry can be, clothes consists recycled and non-recycled materials. Futuristic gender-less shapes chained with the medieval steel, parts of the plants or animals and extras straight from the creepy surgeons or fetishists packed into the purely unique aesthetic style of the darkest nihilists nightmares can be found in their more or less affordable online shop here


Greatest Fecal Matter moment so far?

Our greatest moment so far was creating and presenting a collection in Auschwitz concentration camp, in Poland. We were there for 2 weeks, we made a collection of 9 looks, influenced by the Donald Trump epidemic and went to the camps in those looks and did a small show. It was a dream project for a long time that was executed with satisfaction. We have not decided when to release the photos and the garments are not for sale, yet.


Beside of provoking fashion exhibitions, Fecal Matter are known from their bizarre videos and disturbing music. Their videos on the vimeo and music on the soundcloud have thousands of views. It's A Fine Day (Fecal Matter Remix) surrounded by the sounds of the modern terror can be simply described as an Ode For Nihilism And Destruction.


To avoid misassociation with the first demo of Nirvana from December 1985, also originally named Fecal Matters, make sure that during the research of their artistic activities, you will be using the links below







Great post, great people, little freaky but definitely not boring! :)