The Plumbers Start - March 9, 2020 @goldenoakfarm

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Construction - kitchen sink drain crop March 2020.jpg

The plumbers showed up just after 7AM on Monday and the 3 or 4 guys worked until just before 3PM. Above is the copper sink drain a couple of them worked on.

Construction - laundry drains crop March 2020.jpg

The others worked on the laundry room, setting drains for the washer and utility sink.

Construction - island drain crop March 2020.jpg
The drain for the island

Construction - plumbing materials in cellar crop March 2020.jpg

They could not do the water heater in the cellar because they wanted a ¾” backer board on that wall. So my husband got one on Monday afternoon and put it up. They hauled tons of supplies into the cellar.

They should be back at 7AM on Tuesday and finish most of the rough. My husband hopes to get up on the roof to finish capping on Tuesday. He has to be careful about being in the sun, due to treatment for Lyme that makes one photosensitive.


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