Building Steps and Porches - October 25, 2019 @goldenoakfarm

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Construction - building the back porch1 crop October 2019.jpg

After spending Thursday afternoon repairing the sono tubes, he started Friday morning setting up the back steps supports for the cement anchors.

Construction - building the back porch2 crop October 2019.jpg

Once it finally got warm enough he hauled the heavy bags of cement and started making anchors at the back steps.

Construction - building the front porch crop October 2019.jpg

Then he filled the sono tubes and their bases and set the anchors for the beams on top. He got those leveled.

He’d bought more cement than he needed, so he loaded the remainder into the tractor bucket and put it in the barn. Hopefully we will use it before it hardens in the bag, as it usually does around here…

At some point during the day he had gotten all the lumber needed for building the front porch. Except for new posts, we already had all the lumber for the back steps. So he’s ready to build when the next free time comes up.

Saturday we work on emptying the bedroom so he can get to the windows to take them out on Monday.

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