A Bit More Done on Floors - March 15, 2020 @goldenoakfarm

Construction - underlaiment nearly done1 crop March 2020.jpg

The Lyme/doxycycline laid him low on Friday and Saturday. He got the rest of the underlaiment finished, except for the living room, on Sunday.

Construction - underlaiment nearly done2 crop March 2020.jpg

I checked and the plumbers did not run a gas line for the cook stove. Not sure why…. They didn’t run the water and drain line for the dishwasher because it’s to come off the sink lines.

My husband talked to the electrician and he said he’d probably start in a couple weeks. His trip has been cancelled, no surprise. This will give my husband more time to get the frame for the cookstove hood made, and build the attic stairs. This is the last of what needs to be done for the electrician to work.

On Monday my husband returns the useless jamb extension for the roundtop and will pick up more underlaiment to finish the living room.


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