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RE: Constrained Writing Contest #32 + Winners of Constrained Writing Contest #31

Thank you so much!

To say I loved writing this would be an understatement, this was such a great prompt, I have often wondered how the world would look with the limits lifted, so I loved having the oppertunity <3

There were some good entries, I had really enjoyed @pelusa 's story, I am really looking forward to this next one. No 'ing'... gunna be tricky, but I can't wait to see what we all end up with! Lots of possible work arounds to be explored! I tried to write the rest of this comment without any 'ing's - let's hope a story comes a little easier!


Very happy to hear you're participating again! :D
Oh, and, "gonna" is an abbreviation of "going to", so that's not going to work. :P

Well, best of luck >;D

Oh darn, I thought I may slip colloquial abbreviations in there, I will have to think hard, hopefully if I start to do it, I may be able to get in to the mode and write a full story. Phew that was some feat of concentration ;)

Nope. No abbreviations. :p Sorry. Rules are rules. :p
It's not supposed to be easy, yaknow ;P

Phew, ok, here we have it, a story with no -ings

A nice jolly story ;) - Suicide By Degrees

Another one I have got a lot from doing, thank you so much for this inspiring contest!!

I'll give it a read soon and keep my eyes peeled for any abbreviations! >;P

Yepp. The title sure sounds jolly! More scary!

So very happy to hear that! I'll give it a read soon!

Thank you very much for your entry!

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