Hollywood Pedophilia - The Possible Murder of Heather O'Rourke

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If you don't know about it already, there's an extremely intriguing blog out there called Crazy Days and Nights. The blog is penned by someone going by the name Enty Lawyer (entertainment lawyer) who claims to be a lawyer in Hollywood. It's hosted on Blogger and is overrun with ads certainly used to take advantage of the millions of monthly views the blog is commanding since it's beginning back in 2006.

The most interesting posts on the site by far to me are the Blind Items. These posts are basically riddles that include several clues about famous people which are usually scandalous at best.

Here's an example:

Blind Item #3
I have been telling you for forever that this former A+ list athlete has been cheating on his A list everything in her mind significant other with a variety of people. Last night, one of those many people was brought into the light. Probably not good timing with that life event announcement.

The comments say he's referring to A-Rod.

If you're stumped, usually the comments will clear it up for you; however, CDAN as it's affectionately known, does release reveals for Blind Items as well. 

Here's a recent reveal:

What red carpet host intentionally wore lifts in his shoes because he doesn't want to stand on a box when interviewing people? His ego is out of control.
Ryan Seacrest

Before we get too much deeper, it's important to consider the disclaimer included on the CDAN website:


A good lawyer knows how to protect themselves from slander and defamation lawsuits. You'll notice this disclaimer fully dismisses the content shared on the site as fiction, but it also says, "in addition to accurately reported information...".

This leaves it up to you as the reader to decide what is accurate and what is not. Just as it should be.

It is worthy to note here that the CDAN blogger accurately called out Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer
well before their actual controversies began in the mainstream. 

Soooo....what does all this have to do with Heather O'Rourke? 

I'll get to that in a moment. Just in case you don't know who Heather O'Rourke is, she's the little blonde girl from the (ORIGINAL) Poltergeist movies. You know, she's the one who stares into the static on the television and says, "They're here."

CDAN released a particularly insane blind item reveal on November 9, 2017, and the comment sleuths quickly deduced that the graphic post was talking about Heather.

WARNING: If you are easily triggered, a victim of abuse, or anything of that sort, this post is graphic. 

A basic synopsis of the blind reveal which is from the viewpoint of another actress on the set, is that Heather was brought on as a new kid on set for a fast filming of some mediocre show. On the first day, apparently after the day's filming of beach scenes was done, they had Heather come on stage in her bikini and dance for an audience of men. Some of them were masturbating.

She was then taken backstage and out of the witness' sight by 3 men. About 45 minutes later, one of the 3 came out requesting the set medic and then an ambulance. The reveal alleges that one or more of the 3 men sodomized Heather with some sort of object. The show wrapped 2 weeks later and everyone was sent packing. Heather died just a few days after the incident of intestinal stenosis and septic shock.

The Investigation

It's difficult to talk about the investigation without first mentioning the investigators. This particular band of gumshoes originates from Pizzagate. If you recall, Pizzagate was a sort of movement looking to bring pedophilia among the elite to light during the 2016 Presidential Election. It centered around a pizzaria in Washington D.C. where a lot of weird stuff was going on hence the name, Pizzagate.

The movement garnered a huge online following, and the community on Reddit was the most robust by far. There were tens of thousands of people sharing information and investigating different allegations that were coming out.

Then, one day, the subreddit was shut down and banned and that was the end of it...at least on Reddit anyway. A good chunk of the community migrated over to a Reddit alternative known as Voat which is much more lenient about free speech. The community thrives there still.

A lot of people would probably discredit everything right here...with good reason. We tend to crucify people based on a few photos from their Instagram without having context or any real evidence.

While I don't think I'd ever tape a kid to a table or have a pizza-related map on a handkerchief, you have to wonder how many of our mundane everyday situations could be construed into conjecture when spotted under a specific light.

Whether you believe the premise behind Pizzagate or not, I think we can all agree that crimes against children are disgusting and unacceptable. It's from this place that we take a look at and investigate this case.

That Blind Item Reveal was actually a follow-up to the original Blind Item. It's from the comments on that post that we deduce the players:

  • Referring to the men in the studio while Heather was dancing on the stage - "All of these guys were doing what another star at that same studio got busted for." - Pee Wee Herman for the guy who was busted for masturbating in a theater. His show was filmed in the same studio.
  • The TV show being filmed was Rocky Road -
  • The actress nominated for an award was Devon Odessa; she is also the witness
  • The show was filmed at what is now Sunset Las Palmas Studios, then Hollywood Center Studios and that is where Jeopardy is filmed.  This would be the game show mentioned by the witness that still exists today
  • Heather was in an episode of Rocky Road called Moscow on the Boardwalk in May of 1987

The Hollywood Center Studios Rabbit Hole

Now is as good of a time as any to mention that this story is a deep, deep rabbit hole. It becomes apparent that the Hollywood Center Studios featured heavily in the known Hollywood pedophile ring, "Pedowood". At the very least, it was a hub.

Another Blind mentions another show that was filmed at the studio with a long, sordid history of pedo rumors and drug addicted former stars.

A general synopsis of the blind:

The author of the blog says he's been hearing rumors that these two women (the A-listers) are going to come forward with allegations .

The first A-lister is uber-famous, we should all know who she is. She credits her career to the show, but also blames it for her drug addiction and other problems. Starting at age 9 or 10, she was allegedly drugged by the producers, raped, made to have sex with her male co-stars, and passed around the pedo ring.

She was ousted out of the show in her teens and ended up in a different corner of the entertainment industry.

The second A-lister was A-list much longer. She was kind of a replacement on the show for the first A-lister in the blind. She was molested and assaulted almost daily. As a result, she has always refused topless/nude scenes in movies because it is a trigger for her since that's the way they always filmed her as a child.

Odd pose. Heather and Steven Spielberg who discovered her at age 5 or 6.

The producers of the show were extremely smart. They were always changing the name of the holdings company behind everything. They started in child porn, but quickly realized that if they did kid shows, they would have more access to children in the long run.

At one time, the second A-lister was making noise about going public when she was offered an overseas record deal to keep quiet. Even though the record was released stateside, it only achieved moderate success. Overseas, she sold millions and made tons of money that has kept her quiet until now.

Commentors from the blind have ascertained the following:

  • The first A-lister is Fergie
  • The second A-lister is Jennifer Love Hewitt
  • The show was Kids, Incorporated (filmed at Hollywood Center Studios)
  • The producers were Thomas W. Lynch and Gary Biller. Lynch is still producing kid/tweener shows today!

Totally accurate or not, all of this points to an enormous pedophile ring in Hollywood which is quickly becoming mainstream knowledge because too many kids are talking!

Heather and Henry Winkler. She was on several episodes of Happy Days and the daughter of the Fonz's love interest.

Corey Feldman has been one of the most outspoken even though he's damaged his credibility in recent years by asking for money to name the names. In the past, he has credited the pedophilia that he and friend, Corey Haim experienced to be the cause of Haim's death.

Elijah Wood also came forward rather quietly and roundaboutly a few years back implicating the massive pedo ring in Hollywood.

I'm putting together a special folder inside the HUGE pack of PDFs that we share with our email subscribers that will include these videos, documents, and other items pertaining to this article. Sign up by clicking that link ^^^ or the button the right sidebar >>> so you get access!

List of stars who came out of Kids, Incorporated:

  • Martika
  • Fergie
  • Mario Lopez
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt
  • Jeff Cohen
  • Scott Wolf
  • Brittany Murphy

The Cosby Show...also filmed at Hollywood Center Studios. It's difficult to find a complete list of all the shows that called that studio home because a good bit of its history from the 70s and 80s isn't online.

Here is a partial list in addition to what has already been mentioned in this article thanks to Wikipedia:

  • I Love Lucy
  • The Addams Family
  • The Rockford Files
  • MadTV
  • The Suite Life on Deck
  • Star Search
  • Soul Train
  • Pee Wee's Playhouse

When you consider the number of kids from these shows, who had drug problems among other issues, you have to wonder, what's really going on? A good number of these kids are dead. This is ONE studio.

Heather O'Rourke's Cause of Death

Heather, Steven Spielberg, and Drew Barrymore

It's never mentioned that Heather was ill until 1987, the year before her death. In fact, this article states that her mother said her first signs of any illness didn't occur until January of 1987. She was diagnosed that year with Giardiasis, a parasite infection which later led to her being diagnosed with Crohn's disease.

If she had contracted Giardiasis via food or even from the family dog which are both means of transmission, why didn't anyone else in her family have the parasite? It implies she would have had to have gotten it another way. It is possible that if Heather was being abused on set that she could have contracted the parasite through sexual contact.

It's a big WHAT IF, but possible.

Directly from her death certificate which will be included in the aforementioned folder ^^^, it mentions the following as her cause(s) of death:

  • Cardio-respiratory arrest
  • Suspected septic shock
  • Acute bowel obstruction
  • Stenosis of the small intestine

Had she had the stenosis from birth as the doctors claimed, she would have certainly experienced digestive problems all of her life, not just in 1987. Heather's sudden death was quite a shock to her parents who had her hospitalized for "flu-like symptoms". Her mother later sued for wrongful death. It was settled out of court.

Henry Winkler is an odd player in all of this. Heather worked with him on Happy Days for a brief time in 1983. He was close enough with the family to have been a pallbearer at her funeral in 1988 >>>.

During an interview in 2006, he brought Heather up sort of off-the-cuff in an interview that spoke about one of the episodes she was in. She played the daughter of the Fonz's love interest.

A copy of this video has been uploaded to the folder corresponding with this article should this one magically disappear.

What an odd thing to say. You would think if he were close enough to the family to be a pallbearer, then he would know exactly how she died. He says she committed suicide, then that she died from a "bad flu", and then that she was tortured by her father.

It's like he's trying to disclose something here by obfuscating what he truly wants to say. Strange indeed.

The Fringe

Heather and Drew

My personal investigation has hit a bit of a brick wall. I've run into many, many dead ends beginning with all the dead links from the original investigation.

If you ever find any smoking gun evidence online, you better download it, archive it, AND make screenshots. If you think you're done protecting the information, make an extra set of copies or three for good measure.

If you can't corroborate your claims with evidence, then your case is non-existent.

I commend the investigators for their work, but there is just ZERO evidence in this case. It is ALL conjecture.

Enter the "controlled opposition" claims that are inevitable on this post.

I am not the opposition. I am the logical voice of reason.

The moment a claim of some guy wearing Heather skin shoes entered this investigation, it began to go downhill.

Unless you have a photograph of the body less its skin, a video of the person tanning the "leather", a video of the cobbler creating the shoes, and/or the guy cheesin' in said shoes, this is a claim that goes beyond left field into the lunatic fringe.

The path of this investigation also led me to an alleged interview that Macaulay Culkin gave on live French radio, I think sometime in 2018 about his personal experience and escape from the "Satanic Hollywood elite".

It's claimed that once this started to go viral, it was scrubbed from the Internet. Indeed. Either it was scrubbed or never existed because I've been from the top to the bottom (deep web) trying to find the audio. Without that audio, this is just an empty claim.

Surely we can agree the lunatic fringe is easily discredited.

What Is True

Corey Feldman and Heather

Do I believe in the Hollywood rape machine? Absolutely.

Do I believe that there is a Luciferian elite that rules Hollywood? Yeah, I kinda do.

Do I believe stuff is happening to kids? Yes.

Was Heather O'Rourke murdered? I don't know.

As with most "theories", there are some questions that need to be answered. I plan to do a series on this blog about the many, many questions that need to be answered about various "conspiracy theories". I believe if these questions were addressed with solid evidence, we could lay many theories to rest.

There are people who aren't willing to just swallow what they are told. They need to SEE the proof. I am one of them.

So, all we really have here is an implication from a guy who writes a blog that has sometimes been proven accurate. That's it.

That's kind of disappointing and comforting all at once. Deep down, none of us want this to be what happened.

Should something happen that blows this case wide open, I will certainly have the update for you RIGHT HERE. Until then, yes, I'm implying that NOTHING so far has blown this case open. The evidence is bunk. To me, the most interesting piece is that weird interview snippet from Henry Winkler.

Stay vigilant and question everything, my friends.

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