Human Micro-Chipping and Crypto: It's not like we didn't see this coming

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Reports of humans being micro-chipped seemed to begin surfacing within the MSM back in 2004 when the FDA approved micro-chipping for humans. In 2004 it was claimed to be used for medical purposes and while it did get some attention, it did not get nearly as much as Martijn Wismeijerin 2014 when he implanted a micro-chip in is hand with the intent of using it as a cold storage for his Bitcoin. Since the breaking of that story, many people have went on record claiming that Crypto-Currency will lead to the mark of the beast as mentioned in the book of "Revelations" in the Christian Bible. Even with such clams being made, it seems that articles have continued to be published about people still getting micro-chipped for a variety of things from being micro-chipped for employment, to getting "chipped" to pay for vending machine purchases(Although the company that employees did this at was a vending machine company ^^).


This year reports have surfaced claiming that we can now add another reason to be micro-chiped (insert a drum roll here ^^), that's right folks, we are talking about Ripple! A company called BiChip has released an annoucement via Twitterthat their implant would now be implemented with the Ripple Payment Network .


As you can see from tweet (picture above) they even try to "sweeten" the "deal" of getting micro-chipped by calming "This means that the microchip owners will not be needing to connect their microchip to their bank accounts anymore". Giving the reader a sense of security since this would be able to make payments for them in lieu of cash and/or credit cards but would not have to be linked to their bank account. After reading this, it is hard not to point your attention to Revelation 13:16-17


YouTuber FaceLiketheSun has done a video on this and goes into such great details about micro-chipping and the mark of the beast in this video:

What do you think about human micro-chipping? Do you think we may actually be seeing the very foundation for the mark of the beast being laid? Could the mark of the beast be a mixture of this and the identification system Aadhaar that India has started using? Maybe people are just overreacting and while everything isn't made of sugar and rainbows... it doesn't necessarily mean it's made of of thorns and venom either. We really would like to hear from you about your thoughts, comments and/or concerns below. As always, we thank you for taking your time to read our article. If you would like to see more of our work, please visit or steemit page @truthbeyondlies or come visit our website T.B.L

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Ripple just happens to be the one most heavily controlled by the banks from what I have heard.

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Dear @truthbeyondlies,

Thank you for your informative and thought provoking post.

I have written two books on end times prophecy and have been aware of this technology since 2001.

And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. 2 Corinthians 11:14

On October 30, 2000 Applied Digital Solutions unveiled a prototype of its Digital Angel

Source of the following information:

Digital Angel, Corp. is a developer and publisher of consumer applications and mobile games designed for tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices, as well as a distributor of two-way communications equipment in the U.K.

The company formerly developed Global Positioning System (GPS) and radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology products for consumer, commercial, and government sectors. The company manufactured tracking devices for people, animals, the food supply, government/military arena, and commercial assets. Included in this product line were RFID applications, end-to-end food safety systems, GPS/Satellite communications, and telecommunication, security infrastructure and the controversial Verichip human implant, a product which has caused concern among advocates of civil liberties.

Applications for this technology include pets, wildlife and livestock identification using implantable RFID microchips, scanners and antennas.

Shalom, Steven Sherman @lastdays

Can't wait to read the first article in the news about a criminal going shopping with the chopped off hand of a micro chipped moron :)
There will be plenty of one armed rich dudes running around in the future...

(Partner here) Right, because you know there is going to be a story like that. I can already hear "I didn't think anyone would notice that the hand was chopped off". And yet we are the "crazy" ones ^^!

My guess is that micro chips are only a small, temporary step. They will be replaced by "better" technology, like Retina scans. 'Minority report" comes to mind, where he needed to transplant eyeballs in order to stay unrecognized by AI. But most of us are going to be killed off anyway, so it will only concern the morons who comply and are allowed to live in the future society. It's not going to be me :)

Such a grim world we live in. You actually brought up something I have been thinking about... upgrading. With the way the world seems to work, better technology always seems to surface, so once a better way to track us gets "invented", does that mean replacement chips or like you said a shift to something "new"?

I find it possible that 'hardware' like chips are not even needed at all for identification purposes. They have made huge advances in retina scans for example. Or face recognition technology. All your information could be stored in the cloud, purchases, bills and FINES automatically deducted from your virtual account. It is thinkable that in the near future implants are mainly to RECEIVE information or upload brain wave patterns for 'pre-crime' purposes or to connect you with the hive mind.

Not for identification purposes...they could easily switch it up. I could defiantly see face recognition being used. Would be nothing for drones to fly by and scan our faces.

5G will require transmitters every few hundred feet, that's why it takes so long to install them. Easy to equip those with cameras as well. I've also heard about nano drones of the size of a bee which could be pretty much anywhere without us even noticing. Walmart already has a patent for robot bees. They could have many functions...

We actually got to see them installing 5G, they lied and said that they were working with the power lines (last time I checked fiber optic cables had nothing to do with the power lines) and yes it would be easy to add a camera to them. Now the robot bees I can see ways they could use them, none of the ways being good.

I have heard that some companies already want to do this for their employees.

Yes. Some companies already are Micro-Chipping their employees. Would you get Micro-Chipped for your job?

there is no such option

It is interesting technology. I am sure there will be more to come light on this subject.

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You know I always thought that crypto currency was like a trojan horse backdoor way to get the masses to accept a cashless society, but this microchip integration just confirms to me that there is something sinister behind this.

To be completely honest we decided to make investments into different forms of cryptocurrency because some of the technology that is currently being tweaked for adaptation to blockchain can only be described as AMAZING However, the deeper that we went down the rabbit hole the more we found some of the many applicable uses of this technology that will sooner than later affect our everyday life as well as the dangers of having a "super ledger" that keeps records of everything and it made me personally have to ask myself "Do I want a permanent ledger of everything that this applies to irregardless if it's a blockchain phone permanently recording all conversations and texts or my new netflix subscription simply taking note of what genre of entertainment excites or entertains me to help put together a more accurate psychological profile of who I am?" It makes me want to ask you "Do you find it coincidentally odd that after collecting massive amounts of data and being in cahoots with the NSA via Project "P.R.I.S.M" for years now, Facebook SUDDENLY becomes the big talk of the town as data security and privacy becomes the thing on everyone's mind as well as their news stations/radios/social feeds. Are they about to offer something more secure, decentralized.... (hint*) Of course that is something that only the future can tell and is currently only speculative chitchat.

Hey guys, I've been doing very little on Steemit, the last couple weeks. So I've been pretty out of the Steemit loop. It's good to see that you two are still bringing light to the craziness going around.

Well back to the subject at hand,(Let me go puke real quick.) it's so obvious where this is leading. The silly thing is so many people are super excited about it. I'm sure that it will be marketed as assurances of safety, right up until the point that it is mandated.

I wish that I had more time to really write out my thoughts on this, but something tells me that there will be many more opportunities in the future.

Glad to hear from you, it has been a while and we both hope that you are ok! We are still trying to share the craziness with others ^^.

I do have to say that I have noticed that people are really excited about this. I can already see the lines forming to get one because it is the "new hot item". I know that I should not be shocked by this but yet I am. I cannot understand how people are not picking up on all the things that are literally right in their faces. Nothing hidden, the only thing missing is the big red arrow pointing it out, and yet still blind. If that is not programming for ya, than I do not know what is. What do you even say to someone that knows what this is and yet they still want it? What do you even do with that?

Vaya @truthbeyondlies de verdad que en tu blog no enteramos de cosas que no salen a la luz en otro tipo de pagina y quiero agradecerte por eso, sigo día a día tus publicaciones espero que sigas así saludos :D

Thank you so much @josecrespo! We are both happy that you watch for our articles. We will keep producing articles to keep people informed.

Gracias a ustedes amigos, espero que a si sea estaré al pendiente para leer su informacion.

Great, we look forward to many more conversations with you.

Y Por mi parte las tendrán son un grupo increíble.

Wooow that level, excellent content.

Thank you so much. What are your thoughts on Human Micro-Chipping?

I really think that it is a good strategy implemented, even as many important people and companies are using it with their workers. As you mentioned in the post at the beginning this was created for health, just by placing the microchip in the person could determine their health status. And really very happy to read your really interesting content I do not stop reading them for nothing, greetings friend.

It was used to store medical records on, this way no matter what if you where in an accident the health care provider would have all your information available as needed. There is still a lot to research about this technology and of course there is always waiting to see what happens in the future. We are glad you enjoy our content. Take care.

Gracias por la información amigo, estaré al pendiente del tema.

You are welcome. Good luck

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i think they don't even have to do it ... last time when i missed a train, the lady behind the counter told me they didnt give certificates anymore (for employers to know you werent lying) because

everybody has a smartphone

and i was likethink.png

well yes i do but it doesnt have a sim-card in it and even if it did i couldnt afford a belgian telcom sub so ?

well yes sir, but ..

my point : everyone carrries the chip around

voluntarily, i just google the opening hours of the local store and google told me how much time people spend INthere approx ... which means they locate it , you're wearing the chip


@ rudyardcatling Some stores have put micro-chips in the tags that are on their clothing. Items that are purchased are tracked.

me encanto tu publicación

Thank you. What are your thoughts on human micro-chipping?

Bitcoin is the best

We can see by the name that you like your BTC 😁

Another reason to not buy Ripple!

Ripple is not bad...

A whole nother level @truthbeyondlies

Thank you. Which part of the article got your attention the most?