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RE: Agenda 2030 Culture Wars Part One: Population Control & The Sexual Perception Deception

Nice one @perceptualflaws! I'm curious to see where you go with this. I think their intentions may be as simple as a conspiracy to destroy or inhibit the creation of nuclear families. A nuclear family has a strong potential to serve as a solid foundation, one where productive and independent people can enter into society and prosper on their own accord.

Similar to the potential of a four-legged table, it can stand on its own. However, nowadays, the environmental factors discourage and make it harder for nuclear families to not only launch but also thrive.

Without that foundation, men (and women), who stand for nothing, are liable to fall for anything. What their doing may be less complex than it seems and more akin to a sociopolitical wrecking ball, or demolition of social constructs as we know it. For the government to become GODvernment, it needs all the people to become obedient dependents.

What better way to do that than to obliterate any and all semblance of foundational archetypes. Identity politics is a very extreme form of divide and conquer, almost on par with the Tower of Babel. Instead of "God" confusing the languages, "Godvernment" is confusing the genders and societal norms.


Hey @thoughts-in-time

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you're looking forward to a lovely weekend! :)

I think their intentions may be as simple as a conspiracy to destroy or inhibit the creation of nuclear families.

Yes, I'm definitely going to get into that, and certainly at one level (and for the vast majority of people) I think you're entirely correct. At another level, I very much believe that this agenda surpasses a lust for power and control. There is something deeper that binds (over multiple generations/thousands of years) and is the driving force behind their intent, that there is a spiritual element to all this. So on one level, they're targetting children to control the minds of the next generation, on the spiritual level it's about the corruption of innocence. That doesn't mean you have to be spiritual or religious to consider that as a possibility. Indeed, you don't have to be a Christian or Muslim to understand that these belief systems exist. I believe (alongside the control element) we are witnessing an attempted inversion of our reality and indeed our humanity. I believe we are (and are being) so far removed from where we should be .. that we have forgotten who we were. So much to say on all these points, but for now I'll leave it there.

I will just add that I believe that government propaganda is indeed fairly simplistic (probably deliberately so), but I also believe there is a layer of cultural/social propaganda that sits behind it, and is far more sophisticated.. boxes within boxes. And of course, to enable our current status quo (and age where many people are seemingly accepting their children being taught they can be one of 100 genders) requires a great deal of conditioning .. you could not have gotten away with this even ten years ago. As corrupt and as insidious as they may be and although they may be relaying it at street level, the progenitors of much of this madness are not the core structure of government as a singular entity .. but its compartmentalised nature enables the intent to be channelled through it. That said, they are unquestionably following the mantra's of powerful increasingly infiltrated scientific establishments, educational authorities, social movements, NGO's and a neverending stream of (indoctrinated) experts. I believe we have been manipulated to focus all our attention on the entity and personalities of government, at the expense of missing the bigger picture. Indeed, I also believe that the ultimate intent (unknown to them) is for the people to dismantle our current governmental structure .. that we are literally observing and participating in the slow death of the old system, and that order is intended to arise from the associated chaos. For me, this entire concept of us vs them feels too simplistic and I feel there is an extra layer of complexity behind it. Thanks again my friend.

Ty PF, I hope you will have a great weekend too!
You have a very intricate view into this stuff and
are always well-researched. It'll be interesting to
see what conclusions you arrive at in your series.

Thanks @thoughts-in-time .. my weekend was pretty manic, but just got in so enjoying a nice cup of tea! :) Hope you had a good one! I try to write posts like this one on two levels, on one there is a lot of valid/verifiable research to get your teeth into .. on another (if you're inclined) there are some deeper ideas to mull over. And yes, as a very young child I realised there was something wrong with the world. Rather than try to fit in with group think of my friends and peers, I decided to stand alone .. follow my perceptual flaws and see where my vision took me .. on so many levels it was the best decision I ever made.

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