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in conspiracy •  last year

I'm just making a quick post about where to find, listen and download my new "Proud 2 Be Profane Podcast."

P2BP Main Logo.jpg

Here are the links:

P2BP Podcast on Podbean (as mp3 audio and to download):

P2BP Podcast on Itunes (as audio):

P2BP Podcast on Vimeo (as video/download):

P2BP Podcast on Mixcloud (as mp3 audio):

P2BP Podcast on DTube (as video):

*P2BP Podcast on YouTube (as video):

*(YouTube is currently on a censorship frenzy so my channel may be either gone in the future or I will have to limit myself and only post updates when new episodes are available with links to the full episodes––hopefully it will be the latter)

Keep in mind that when a new episode is released it might take a day or two for me to get it uploaded on all the above links. Thanks for watching/listening.

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Hi Michael,

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your research throughout the Occult Science series. It was not only presented in a scholarly and informative way, but it also really opened some doors for me. Since then I have in fact visited the Lucis Library in London, reading many books by Alice Bailey.

I find the 'Elite' doctrines highly fascinating. You also introduced me to Michael Tsarion through your interview with David Whitehead so again a huge thank you. Your work is excellent and I very much look forward to hearing more from you.

Keep up the fantastic work :)


Thanks a lot Charley, I appreciate it!

Sorry to repeat a recent post, but due to YouTube's new censorship frenzy I needed to stop using YouTube for my RSS feed for Itunes and use Podbean instead. I'm getting rid of the dropbox download link because you can download the audio for any episode at the Podbean link.

If anyone's looking to host a podcast with unlimited audio space for a reasonable price and have an easy RSS host for Itunes I highly recommend Podbean. It's $9 per month for unlimited audio and the process of setting it up on Itunes is really easy compared to some other methods.

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