Conspiracy Theory: CIA 1967 Memo: CIA Wikipedia Mainstream Media Propaganda and Coverup #MandelaEffect

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In this video I go over the very interesting topic, and that is dive into the topic of “conspiracy theories” and “conspiracy theorists” by taking a look at the CIA’s infamous 1967 declassified memo during the John F. Kennedy (JFK) Assassination Warren Commission investigation. The memo, which was first declassified through a 1976 Freedom of Information Access (FOIA) by the New York Times, reveals that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) underwent a secret psychological operation (PsyOp) through a coordinated propaganda campaign to discredit and ridicule critics of the Warren Commission report with hopes of quelling rising distrust of the government by the public. In my opinion this is very contradictory, which if the public knew of these secret PsyOp programs to spread deliberate propaganda and attack criticism of the government, then the public would be in an up-roar, as they should be!

The CIA 1967 memo information and links to view it are shown below:

Title: Countering Criticism of the Warren Report
Document Number: 1035-960
Classification: PSYCH for Psychological Operation and CS for Clandestine Services
Special Note: “Destroy When No Longer Needed”
Document (PDF):

Also interesting to note, while recording my initial attempt at this video yesterday, I fell victim to the dreaded #MandelaEffect!! This is because many websites, books, and videos mistakenly use the title “Concerning Criticism of the Warren Report” or even “Countering Criticism of the Warren Commission Report”, which are both wrong! I’m not sure if this as just an accidental mistake (and discovery by me) or could be just another part of CIA’s disinformation propaganda campaign haha 😉

Also in this video I go over the ramifications of the CIA 1967 memo, and show concrete evidence through Google’s “Ngram” viewer that suggest the CIA’s propaganda campaign to discredit conspiracy theories in regards to the JFK assassination, as well as conspiracy theorists in general, was in full effect in the 1960s.

Source: Google's Ngram Viewer

This fact has been brushed aside and covered up by many in the mainstream media, including even Wikipedia and the CIA itself. The document explains specific instructions to quell criticisms of government “official” narrative and institutions through using “friendly” elite politicians and people embedded in major news outlets by attacking the conspiracy theorists themselves, as opposed to their actual claims. Such instructions included suggesting that conspiracy theories are the result of “Communist Propagandists” and that “large scale conspiracies” are impossible. Both of these methods are still widely used today, although now those pesky “Russians” are to blame. I also go on a long rant about the “large scale conspiracies” argument because I was Triggered!

This is a very long, but extremely detailed look at the elaborate propaganda and disinformation strategy that the CIA, the mainstream media, and political elites uses on an almost daily basis still to this day, so make sure to watch this entire video!"

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The intelligence agencies have never worked for the people of their respective governments, instead it's just the opposite. They are all, knowingly or unknowingly, working for the slow and insidious destruction of any real liberty that people have left. They heads of all the agencies are committed to a one world government, religion, and currency.

Regarding the points in article on the "conspiracy theorist" moniker, check out the proof of the CIA's creation of this meme at my recent post


Yup! The "intel" agencies, and any other that work in "secret" are only there to gather info on us and to carry out nefarious activity, which does seem to be pushing for a NWO.

But an FYI on your post, I included that Zero Hedge article in my video, but note that they are not fully accurate when they say CIA created the term. It is likely that CIA created the term "Conspiracy Theorist" but I have not found any definite proof of it. Check out my video at the 1:09:43 mark.

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Thanks for asking. I am new to this as well so I'm not 100% sure, but this video may help explain why: Basically I think a big driving factor to the revenue is based on the users that upvote certain content. If viewers have a large "reputation" than they drive higher weight when they upvote. Besides that, I am not too sure. I will be looking into Steemit more in the future too :)


Thanks a lot for the video. I've watched this one already but it still doesn't seem to answer it. Unfortunately neither does this one from steemit. I've read that you need "whales" that will vote for your content but somehow it still seems like I must be doing something wrong (that or I've been blackballed by the "whales"). Happy to hear any new insights you come across.


For sure, I'll let you know! Also, I believe the Steemit algorithm takes into all of a user's posts as well. So if you have 10 posts that didn't get lots of views/comments/upvotes, etc., then it will affect later posts. Also I believe they take into account how "original" a post is. For example they might have a bot that searches the web for similar or the exact text/links, etc., so it's best to create new content as opposed to simply embedding a video or a link. I'll let you know anything further I learn!


That's very helpful and worth keeping in mind. Thanks a lot, and I'd definitely be happy to find out anything else you might learn going forward as well.