Parkland Teacher Says What Isn't Allowed On MSM [My Interview]

in conspiracy •  9 months ago

I interviewed Kevin Siegelbaum - one of the teachers from the Parkland, FL high school where a shooter killed 17 people on Feb. 14th. He talked with me about how this horrible incident could've been avoided and what CNN won't tell you. I believe it's a pretty important conversation.
-- Lee

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How was none of that allowed on MSM? That's the exact same propaganda narrative as on MSM. Dude wasn't even there. How about covering the 7+ witnesses who state on camera that they were forewarned of a "code red" active-shooter drill? How about airing the video of the student who saw the patsy at the time of the shooting and he wasn't in any gear and had no weapon in the middle of the shooting? How about airing the video of the teacher who saw the shooter from 20' away and described him as "police". Why not cover the fact that none of the video evidence is being released? Or the censorship of al lthe video's that mention David Hogg's name. Dude is the new Voldermort. He already graduated HS, was planted there by his Daddy, former FBI agent, and employee of Cubic Corp. How about a semblance of journalism rather than airing this fking guy who reached out to you.


Thx for saying it!


fake news

Yes, we like what you do Lee 🙏 Your work is exactly what I think of when I think of the potential of micro information economies like this platform ✌

Great interview and you and your guest's both expressed it perfectly when you addressed this absurd notion that teachers should be armed.

I 100% agree with you that it truly is a disaster waiting to happen.

I think your guest said it best when he said that what these special needs kids need is probably some attention and a hug. Not to be staring down the barrel of a gun. Well put.

Thank you.

Thanks for bringing us real news. Since MSM is currently covering a funeral... not a shooting

Why isn't anyone from the gun control side not addressing the elephant in the room. If you want to have gun control, you can't have local police with tanks, drones, and all the militarised gear they have. Want gun control? Fine. But if you allow local police forces to acquire military style weapons and gear, then you will only have a tyranny.


because of the camouflage, people fail to see the very thing that is staring them in the eye.

They prefer to see the next sport event and don't have time for reality.

Only after the earthquake they will cry for the dead people. But will rebuild the same crappy houses. Wile demanding better houses, but unwilling to pay for what they really want. Since they need the money for the new iPhone tomorrow...


Good point. I know the majority of the people on the left who read my comment, would automatically assume that I am a right wing gun nut. I am neither. I don't own a gun, I most likely never will...But police having the power to detain people without warrant, carrying military style gear and ruling by fear, is not my cup of tea. How about we address that first before screaming about gun owners. The argument is being made ass backwards.


I'm merely a European guy trying to add my 5 cents. I try to understand the American extremes. Everything is bigger in the USA, also the bullshit.

I see the same here in Europe, politicians making ever more bullshit, people getting ever more angry. And instead of fixing bureaucratic mistakes they move on, making people even more angry. And in the end they hire expensive security people to do away with angry citizens.. Same shit as dressing policemen in military gear.
We need to battle the bullshit on a global scale. Better education in how to do your own thinking. And demanding to fix the root of the issue, not accepting lame workarounds.

Walk this way, talk this way. Is not the way forward.
I hope it's still visible how this is related to the interview...

Beyond Rock n Roll, its music, its technological advances and the good life that they give us in their movies, I wish that the threats of its president are never fulfilled, the North American society shows great signs of deterioration and decadence.

Thank you, Lee. I'm a public school HS teacher, and so much of what Kevin said resonates with me. I believe a big part of the problem (once again) can be tied to corporate America as the Dept of Ed (both state and fed) allow the ¨standardized testing¨ industry lobby for which measure will best hold students accountable with a one size fits all approach. Public school districts are penalized when students don't achieve standardized benchmarks that do not take students of all types of abilities and strengths into consideration. It then becomes incumbent on the teachers to teach to the (corporate-funded) standardized test or risk raising the eyebrows of the higher ups in the district, many of whom are completely out of touch with the everyday realities of the classroom. It's no wonder that many teachers don't have time to get to know their students on a personal order to make sure their students do well on standardized tests and are ¨college-
ready¨ they must stay focused on academic achievement alone. In a superficial attempt to make it seem like students are ¨more than a test score,¨ many states have agreed to add post-high school tracking of students and attendance rates to how they measure whether or not a district is achieving. The more graduates a district sends to college, the higher the district scores on the state report card, so there is a real push within high schools to stigmatize those who do not want to pursue a college education. In turn, you have many young people who enroll in college only to find that they can't afford it, so they need to take out a loan, and corporate America wins again. Along with the negative shadow cast upon those who may not want to pursue a college degree, you will often hear young people threatened with the prospect of having to work at McDonald's for the rest of their lives if they don't pursue college. Another component of measuring whether or not a school district is¨achieving¨ is by analyzing their attendance rates. Students are pressured to come to school (which is a good thing), but when they have extended absences, there is a punitive one size fits all approach used to get students to attend regularly. Social workers and counselors, Special Ed teachers, ESOL teachers, and Gifted teachers often find themselves working in silos as they try to get those at the top to understand the social/emotional reasons why students might have poor attendance. It truly is a microcosmic wonder today's youth are so attracted to stories like The Hunger Games, etc. And, just an aside...I have to say that, while I am skeptical that this shooting was a false flag, I give mad props to those who continue to question the media narratives. We need more people like them out there, and I think their voices need to be amplified instead of's all part of retaining our critical thinking skills and moving away from the pitfalls of groupthink which is also contributing to our collective downfall as a society.


The average age of the working welder in the US is 56 years old. According to Sidni Wafler who is the recruiting director for Georgia Trade School (Welding Tips and Tricks Podcast 52). It is similar accross all the trades. We cannot maintain the infrastructure without tradesmen. Girls statistically make great welders so please encourage all your student to consider the trades. If this trend is not changed the country will simple fall apart as tradesmen and their knowledge dissapears.

My way of resteeming your post was to have a friend post the link to this post on Gab. I hope it brings you more viewers.

I do not agree with everything you say, but your anger about the water projects has had me ranting for a while now, since a video of Abby where she challenged Nestle. So thanks for dealing with it.

Okey. How about this post?

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