We are slaves.We need to wake up,before it's too late!

in conspiracy •  8 months ago

The rich get richer , the poor get poorer.It is meant to be this way.The rich are rich, because we are poor.They control us so we get poorer.They create inflation, they create debt ,they create a problem and suggest a solution which actually creates another problem(maybe even bigger).They don't care about money.It is used just as a tool for controlling the masses.

They control our mind by mindless TV programs.They keep us busy by sport news,celebrity gossip and many more.We work 8hours+ so we can't see our chains.The mind is the greatest weapon we could possible have.They silence the mind telling us that thinking is a disability.They say drugs are bad, but most of the products on the market are even worse.But when it is illegal is wrong right?I don't think so.Slavery was legal back in the days and it wasn't right.

We are being said what to wear,what to eat,how to behave by a television in our homes.We accept the news as a 100% truth not even thinking about it.They repeat a lie 100 of times and instantly it becomes truth for the masses.
Why do we allow this to happen?
Why do we allow to be slaves ?

We need to wake up.We need to stop watching TV.We need a new revolution.A revolution of the mind.
It will involve every single one of us.United we are strong.That is why we are being divided by color,religion and many more.Start researching for yourself.The truth will set you free.But you won't hear it on the news.John-Truth-Powerpoint.png

If I have any grammar errors please correct me so I can improve. Thank you for reading and God Bless.
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