Everything We Have Been Told Is A Lie - Let Me Liberate You My Steemit Family! =)

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Our world is out of equilibrium because everything we have been taught is a lie! The points I will make in this post are only oversights and I will add more detail in further posts.

My perspective is based on years of research, conventional study and practical application in the real world. Let me show you what I mean...

Warning! What you are about to read will change your life! ;-)

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 3.08.35.png

Almost Everything Is Owned By A Small Group Of People!

The truth is that a small group of private bankers own the "right" to produce OUR money and they manipulate that opportunity for THEIR benefit and OUR loss. This process happens across our world with only two exceptions that I know of today:

  1. Iran
  2. North Korea

If you believe your governments and media, these two sovereign nations are supposed to be the "bad guys" - what is going on with this twisted narrative when countries which print and own their own monetary systems are "bad"?

The last two countries who printed their own money were:

  • Iraq
  • Libya

- look what happened to them for owning their own monetary system!

Lets get straight into this subject and why I hold the opinions I do...

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 3.11.24.png

Manipulation Of The Monetary System

I studied Business Management, Finance, Law and Economics at one of the world's top Universities. The entire experience was a farce!

I would not recommend this avenue of study to any young person today. It only serves to deceive students and funnel the youth into the jaws of a corrupt system which denigrates and manipulates the majority of the world's population into poverty and misery!

As usual the rich get richer while the poor struggle to feed themselves!

We can change this appalling system with only one tool: Knowledge!

I did not understand this process of corruption during my University studies. In retrospect I am glad I skipped most of my classes to hitch-hike around the world. I learnt more on the road than I would have ever been taught in University. My experience made a mockery of their corrupt education system. I only turned up for coursework and exams!

Thankfully there was less deprogramming of my mind to do later in my life!

For those of you who are wondering if it is possible to skip most of the University brainwashing and still complete a degree, I can assure you that it is possible. I scored within the top percentile of my year. I received a 98% grade in my Economics exam - I got the highest mark in the history of my ancient University!


Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 3.14.00.png

How I Came To Understand The Truth!

After all the years of brainwashing I found myself talking to a stranger in a pub in Australia. My interlocutor pulled from his bag a large book. Handing the tome to me he looked into my eyes and said:

"My brother I am giving you this book, you must read it! It will change your life and you must tell everyone you meet in your travels about this information!"

This was not a spiritual book, rather a documentary of how our financial system works. I read the book and as predicted it changed my life. I have held true to my promise and discussed this topic with everyone I have ever met since then. Now I will discuss this with you my Steemian friends! =)

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 3.15.58.png

Who Owns Our Financial System?

When we understand the answer to this question everything slots into place. The book I was given by the stranger was called: The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve and I suggest you All read this as soon as possible!

If your time is limited you can watch the author G. Edward Griffin explaining these truths here on youtube.

Once we understand how a few people are able to create money out of thin air everything starts to make sense!

Those Who Create Money Out Of Thin Air Control Us All!

If you or I print our own money we are committing the crimes of forgery and fraud. For these crimes our legal systems will send us to prison for many, many years. Yet our banks are allowed to do this on a daily basis. For them it is not a crime. Beyond creating money out of thin air our banks are allowed to lend us imaginary money at interest. The gaul of these criminals still makes my jaw drop in disgust!!!

The ability to create money out of thin air and charge us interest on this imaginary money has allowed these few families who "own" this monopoly on money (sorrow) to buy up our entire planet for their benefit.

Forgive me: I am being sick into the garden now!

I am going to make some points below which are very disturbing. I will not be going into much detail in each case as I will be following each point up with a future post. However I am always ready to answer questions in the comments. =)

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 3.19.38.png

The Corruption Of Our Legal System

I have a family member who at a later stage of life decided to study for a Juris Doctor of law which is one of several doctorate of law degrees. This was undertaken at one of the world's most prestigious institutions.

During their studies I asked if their professors were teaching them how their name was spelt and the legal ramifications of that spelling. Although this is obviously law 101 this basic knowledge was not part of their curriculum even at a doctorate level!

It is very important that we understand how our names are spelt. There are three ways:

  1. All lowercase
  2. First letter of each name spelt in uppercase and the rest in lowercase
  3. All the letters of the name spelt in uppercase - check your documents this is how it is spelt today!

The spelling of my name has been changed to all capital letters during my lifetime and this does not sound like a big deal. However it has a huge impact on our legal rights and the legal and financial control that the state has over us. They do not teach this even if you study for a doctorate of law.

I will be going into this further posts, however I suggest you look into this yourself. This process goes back to ancient Roman laws and has a massive impact on our legal position. That is why I spell my name correctly in lowercase: jockey! =)

Although this is a subject that deserves a deeper explanation here is a video that will help to educate you about the Straw Man manipulation of our legal system.

My many years of experience in legal courts across three continents has shown me that the legal system is totally corrupt. If you can afford to pay the best lawyers you will mostly win. If you are poor you always loose.

The most expensive lawyers are not necessarily better than cheaper lawyers - they just have better contacts!

We are all pawns in the game of our legal system. Many of our judges and lawyers do not even understand this manipulation because it is never taught to them. It is important to educate yourself on this subject for everyone you love! I will be writing further posts on this in the future.

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 3.29.43.png

Corruption Of Our Medical System

I know that the Steemit community is aware of how corrupt our medical system is. I have previously written a post detailing my own personal experience corrupting doctors which you can find here.

In brief doctors are required to complete a certain amount of study hours per year to maintain their medical licenses. I was once paid very well to facilitate a "study" week for doctors on a tropical island on behalf of one of the worlds largest pharmaceutical companies. The event was purely a marketing exercise for the pharmaceutical company facilitated with tacit agreement of the compliance of the government. At the end of the week the pharmaceutical company was signing off on the doctor's yearly study quota!

None of the doctors ever turned up yet they were given an all expenses paid vacation for themselves, their families, wives and mistresses. Out of the 300 doctors who attended the only doctor who attended every presentation happened to be my personal doctor - bless her!

Needless to say, once I worked out what was going on I could never do this kind of work again. Sadly these events are more prevalent globally than ever before. To give you an example of how bad things have become Australia which has a population of 27 million people has 32,000 sponsored doctor events every year. This equates to 82 per day! You can read my post on this subject here.

This raises huge questions about the relentless push to vaccinate us by a pharmaceutical industry which uses the government and doctors that do not really know what is in these vaccinations!

Why were we never taught in school about the father of western medicine Hippocrates who said: “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”?

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 3.35.30.png

Corruption Of Our Media System

I do not need to say much about this as it is clear that our media system has been systematically reduced into fewer and fewer hands. There are only a very few people who decide what we can and cannot see/hear! Because of this I do not own a TV.

I will post about this later but just look it up for yourself - IT IS INSANE!

Whatever happened to anti-monopoly laws?

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 3.40.34.png

Corruption Of Our Food System

Through the use of GMO crops the financial psychopaths who own our world are trying to poison us! I know you know about this but I will happily write further posts about this topic. The fact that Bayer now owns Monsanto says it all....

Nuff said! =(

Eat organic and grow as much of your own food as you can. Even small apartments can churn out a surprising amount of produce.

Why is our education system not teaching us how to grow our own food?

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 3.42.15.png

Corruption Of Our Education System

I have already told you how our eduction system has corrupted law, medicine and economics. The entire system is riddled with corruption!

We are lead to believe that our educational institutions are independent and to be trusted. This is complete and utter rubbish as those who fund our education systems are the ones who dictate what we taught. This is the same technique that our corrupt media system uses against us.

Even a cursory investigation into which foundations fund universities and who owns those foundations will provide the answers. Scholarship programs such as the rhodes scholarships only compound the corruption agenda.

Personally I advise teenagers to avoid universities, save themselves the debt and strive to be financially independent using opportunities like Steemit.

For those of you who went to university: what did you really learn educationally and about the world and your life?

I do not want to drag this long post out longer than necessary but those of you want more information on this subject are welcome to let me know in the comments. I will be happy to write further posts! =)

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 3.45.48.png


In my posts I try to give some conclusions and perspectives on what we can do to improve our situation. Unfortunately this post drives me to ask more questions than I have answers for.

Fundamentally by working with decentralised monetary systems like Steemit we can free ourselves from the yoke of oppression. I AM COMMITTING TO STEEMIT!

Here are some points for further thought:

  • We have more war, murder and misery today than we've have ever had
  • People want to live with love and harmony with their neighbours and environment
  • Our entire system has been bought by those who do not care for us
  • The system we live in has been designed to brainwash us from cradle to grave
  • Why do we go to school from the age of 5 until 18 years old - what did you really learn at school?
  • The issues of vaccinations and poisonous food makes me think that the true rulers of our world are trying to kills us!
  • The history of this system is very scary, yet interesting - I will do more posts in the future!

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 3.48.54.png

Thank You Steemit!

Because of Steemit I feel liberated to share the knowledge that I have acquired around the world. I am not scared to speak out!

We are all allowed our opinions and I encourage debate and open discussion - it is the only way we will set ourselves free!

My Steemit experience has been incredible and I want to take this opportunity to humbly thank some of the many people who have assisted me in my journey to self expression here - they are ALL worth following!:

  • @samstonehill - for his incredible perspecitve and all the love and joy we have shared together! =)
  • @canadian-coconut - for her fearless anti-vaccination activism, I admire her enormously! =)
  • @teamsteem - for their support and encouragement - fundamentally they inspired me to write this post! =)
  • @v4vapid - for their continued support which has helped me to gain confidence here on Steemit! =)
  • @ausbitbank - for continued support and for reminding me how amazing Australians are! =)
  • @sift666 - for being so on it! =)
  • @anarchospace - for being too funky! =)
  • @dantheman - for starting Steemit and giving us all this opportunity for liberation! =)

There are so many other beautiful friends I have made here and the jockey knows who you are!

Note: You will notice in my post that I have not capitalised words such as: government, state, doctor, university and law. This is because I don't have any respect for them anymore and in my opinion these words do not deserve to be capitalised.

Images courtesy of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.

jockey loves you All! Stay liberated my family!=)

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)


I was reading your post thinking this has to be the best post I've ever seen, he has just covered pretty much everything I'm trying to say, and its so well done too.

And then I got to the list at the bottom where a bunch of my favourite Steemers were listed. People I follow, admire, and look up to...

And you included me on that list too. My jaw hung open! Many thanks, that is the biggest compliment I've ever had on Steemit.

And yes, this is the best post I've ever read. I agree with every word 100%

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I have so much to say to everyone who has replied but to start with I will just add this:


Upvoted on day 1! =)

I agree with what he said too. I guess corruption nowadays just can't be solved in a year or so. It will surely take some time. Cute dog! :)

Corruption has long since been institutionalized, it cannot be changed from within. Nobody gets in without being corrupted or co-opted. It is not in the interests of anyone on the inside to change anything, so nothing gets changed. For an outsider to come in and change things is impossible, as we have just witnessed in the U.S. Outsiders get co-opted, or they end up dead, as in J.F.K.

the problem is that it grows exponentially... the more we wait the more it gobbles us up

I could not resist myself and upvoted you instantly after reading your post. I am also thinking about the fraud economic system where rich get richer and poor gets poorer. Also the videos of the Mike maloney explains much of the corruption and fraud by our current economic system. There is a reason why the State bank won't accept cryptocurrency as a money because they cannot manipulate it. so they won't accept it.

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they will find a way around it.... ooops they actually have already because the NSA is behind cryptocurrencies https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@earthcustodians/vital-information-for-crypto-hunters-what-ron-paul-on-dollarvigilante-did-not-say

You are right about the problems and allusions made by the political system we are living in.

But I think iitis a misinterpretation of facts if we try to make North Korea the "good guy" just because they have their own money system.

They do not have excess to the internet, they can be killed for not praying to their obsessed dictator and they do not even are allowed to leave the contry to visit their families in South Korea.

If it is such a good system, why do they not allow them to leave? They should come back by themselves if it was better for them.

In case of Iraq and lybia you might be right (I do not know all the facts) but how can you put a cruel regime like North Korea that robbs the freedom of his people to the "good guys" just because of one (compared to freedom of choice) minor aspect of politics that you agree with?

A righteous money system is a great thing, but it is not the only thing that matters in life.

In 10 out of 10 times I would rather take a unrighteous money system instead of not being able to visit my family and choose for myself which God to pray

I can't imagine how will I call North Korea "good". They have a very weird set of laws. I'm not sure if this is true but they say you cannot watch foreign TV shows if you're in North Korea or you will be penalized.

They dont even have access to the internet.. No youtube

This is great. Maybe you're the right person to convince others to start a series of posts dedicated to giving the truth to any of the different "conspiracies" in the most concise and easy to understand way they can. What I'm thinking is, instead of say waiting for the powers-that-be to start an investigation of 911, lets just make the truth easily attainable and obvious and work towards reaching a critical mass of people who understand the truth. If we can reach a point where anyone agreeing with the official story of 911, Sandy Hook, the moon landing, etc., are quickly and unemotionally shown the truth in a way that's easy to digest, I believe this will change the world. You'd probably be very good at leading this charge and Steemit is a great place for it.

I guess those events such as 911, Sandy Hook and Moon Landing will stay as "conspiracies" and "theories" until the government admits that they are all behind it :)

AMAZING comment my friend! Thank you so much! I couldn't agree with you more! Upvoted! You rock! =)

I don't agree with everything in your post but I particularly love the part on the banking system.

I'm not sure the strawman thing about the justice system is true but even if it's true I don' think this can be of much help as those who own the courts own the judge and elect them.

The whole world is own and control by bankers/warlords and the justice system is no exception.

I do not know if all GMO are a bad thing. The science seems so complex, there seems to be so many possible pitfalls associated with their uses, and their seems to be so many things which could be done to improve the health and well-being of people rather than use GMO then it seems a no-brainer to call for the use of the other more logical options.

I look forward to your next posts.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Yo, i like your posts, they are usually of a much higher caliber than this though(Y u wast tim on dis?). I guess i might migrate back to regular blogs.

actually the world wastes 50% of the food production yearly so why on earth do we need GMOs for?

Global Tribunal Concludes that Monsanto is Probably Guilty of Ecocide and War Crimes, my blog titled: The Monetary Paradox: Why Staying healthy Costs More.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for the post. I too try to tell people about the fraudulent banking system. Once you head down the central banking rabbit hole there is no going back!

The answer to our problems is LIBERTY. We need to restore government back to the individual level and allow the free market of ideas to pave the path of our future. NOT central bankers and the rest of the scum that use the system to their advantage.

First time reading your post and I'm impressed. I will keep reading and upvoting!! Consider following me! THANKS!

self-governance is the only way out... small govs always grow big because people are complacent. Nobody will never be able to to the thinking for you/one

Then we have monetarism that is a big issue, even without central banking... people follow the money and therefore are highly manipulable. In a free society nobody can profit from anybody because there is no collusion. I blog a lot about it

Yeahhh love that ;) great post my bro... Can't wait for more ;) Catch up soon X's

It's the creation of money out of thin air by the banks that defies any moral logic! If I can't pay my mortgage then they take my house, hold on they didn't actually have that money in the first place it's all done with percentages and reserves! I should take their bank! Twats!

Indeed, we have been lied to on a astounding level.
The social conditioning we are left with is very deep seated.

Consider your first reaction to what could be considered the ultimate personal truth, of "Shivambu" or also known as the "Water of Life".

You can be your own doctor. You have your own perfect medicine with you 24/7, and it is free!
The doctors/education/social conditioning do their best to lie and hide this information.

Shivambu/Water of Life, truth/liberty and totaly free, why would it be otherwise?
Cheers A.

Hello ... nice to see so many like minds in the same place ... gives me hope for change .... you might like my post on the homeless here ... and the reality of it .
.... This is the result of the system you have described so so well ... thanks for being one of the few to speak out.....
upvoted and following....

Welcome. It's amazing as we watch the empire falling. Aloha!

Thank you my friend! I also live on an amazing island a lot of the time! Upvoted and followed! =)

The deception is complete.

Very informative and very well put. The global system on a whole was never designed to empower individuals but make persons dependent and create more debt

it goes farther than that... how about human farming? I blog a lot about it

Great post. But, just the tip of the iceberg. I up-voted and followed you. Rock on!

Great post, I am looking forward to read more. I just don't agree with this:
"People just want to live with love and in harmony with their neighbours and environment" I would say most people but some terrorist groups and militants and religious groups, like ISIS, don't want to live in peace. Thank you for writing>

ISIS is a creation of the Intelligence Services (CIA, MI6 etc). A Boogeyman to go to war with and to take away our freedoms, one fake terror attack at a time.

It can't be fake, if people are killed. Christians are murdered by them.

yeah the mercenaries and wahhabis in Syria are real (armed by NATO & Gulf state countries) , the terror attacks in Europe completely fake.

There are many lies that are taken as absolute truths.

I don't necessarily agree with everything you say, but just raising the awareness and showing people there is some deep seating shit to look at, is a great blessing. Speaking your truth, sharing your awareness, being bold to put your voice on the line is a very vulnerable and genuine move. There system in all ways is definitely broken, and as you know, this is just the tip of the iceberg. It's super sad to become aware that we have been lied to all of our lives, especially since our entire lives have been wrapped around this deceitful information. It's amazing how wrapped up in this gunk we have become, and once you know, you cannot un-know!!! I'm grateful there are others that know and who are also willing to put it on the line to make it be seen. Thanks @jockey. Upvoting and following you.

hai hallo @jockey i real happy with you. follow me and upvote me. nice come to steemit. sand tip okay ..hahaha. just kidding
am fromnindonesia. and am sorry if my english is bad

Don't agree a few things but yes, we are controlled by the few who can never become poor from bad decisions and never go to jail for their crimes. I believe the western conspiracy to conquer the citizenry started just after WW2. They love to keep the world divided, at each others throats and focused on anything shiny. So long as we don't ask what's going on behind the curtain.

Fear is born from the unknown. Just learn some shit people.

Power is the most addictive drug on the planet. What power is to greed, heroin is to aspirin.

What do we know about North Korea anyway? That they have been brainwashed by a government driven propaganda system? That their human rights are stripped? Before we run off to war let's evaluate that against some truths at home. Maybe we are pointing the barrel of the gun in the wrong direction?

nice story! but anyone knows who control us?
10 Families That Secretly Control The World

waw thats amazing . good job <3 like it so much (following you)

Thanks for spreading this. I believe the masses have a chance if we adopt Cryptos and ignore their system... They will become obsolete. If we wait too long, they will find a way to use Cryptos in a new system of corruption.

Powerful message. So much truth in this. Thanks for sharing buddy! Out of curiosity, which prestigious university did you attend?😏🌟

I am happy to read your words. I am thinking to start my journey to expose few things about radical Islam (which in my opinion is different from what Islam was supposed to be when started). I want to open the minds of people before their eyes to whats going on and to inspire them to make their choice rather than follow someone else's orders (Like the clergies in Iran and Saudi Arabia). I want to educate people that hatred, division, fear, religion, sin, pride, color, race, are only made up words to control people's brains. So many things I want to advocate, love, peace, freedom of thinking and choice and unity. They all sound cliched but they are true.
I am still taking my first baby steps. Your posts are inspirational for my future mission.
Thank you for seeking and showing the truth :)

The key to science is to test a fact or idea before claiming that it is true.

What is the key to faith?

In my opinion and from my experience the key to faith is trust built on love.

Yeah, but I'm talking about religious type faith.

The sort of faith that has a person believe in a religion, in a way that feels like they believe in a political dogma.

The way it has been done so far is forcing faith by either fear or by rewards. There are those who will abide because they are scared of going to hell and those who abide because they want something in return, i.e sex with multiple virgins

Everyone has a way to get people to believe in untrue ideas.

If force doesn't work, then they'll lie.

If lies don't work, they'll offer other benefits, like a feeling of peace or happiness.

Real happiness must be worked for with sweat, blood, and tears, and real happiness is never found, for life is not a destination towards happiness or peace in the first place.

Life is a complex process.

I agree with some of what you said, but I disagree with your idea about life and happiness.

I speak from my own experience and the understanding I reached after suffering for too long. I believe that happiness is an inside job. It is simply a feeling of peace within stemming from the understanding that everything will go in the direction of our best interests and that we are loved and supported by the universe (aka God, force, Tao, life energy or what ever you want to call it).

It is important to understand that misery happens when we associate our happiness with something/someone outside ourselves that is easily lost or changed. That is why we keep running after this so-called-happiness which we will never be able to catch, or even if we catch it we will not be able to keep it for a long time

I believe that the final destination for each soul in this universe is happiness and peace (aka heaven). However, not every soul will reach that destination in one life time, hence, reincarnation.

This is the summary of what I believe now. And considering that I have been suffering from clinical depression for a long time, I can say that I have never been happier in my whole life. Yes, I do have some setbacks with life stresses but I do get over them quite easily compared to before.

Sincerely :)

How can we test reincarnation?

I would like to see it proven before believing in it, seeing as it means I can relax a bit in this life, and not worry about living fully.

Why live this life, when I'll just get another?

Can you prove it in a way that would convince anyone?

A Christian, a Jew, A Muslim, and me?

It is important to understand that misery happens when we associate our happiness with something/someone outside ourselves that is easily lost or changed. That is why we keep running after this so-called-happiness which we will never be able to catch, or even if we catch it we will not be able to keep it for a long time


you are a tortured atheist, heretickitten

well look at america: 100 trillon into red ink according to the dallas fed reserve in 2012

look at the world: world debt 4x the global GPD

Are they stupid or do they have a plan?

that is a really interesting subject for me @theleapingkoala i would like to see what you come up with.

Read your last post regarding "survey" and this seems to go right along with that post/story. As a former options trader at the CBOT (in Chicago from 1998 to 2002). During the 2000 DOT COM crash most traders snarkly said.."who will we go to war with to get out of this mess?" So, this latest post is interesting. So much more I learned in Chicago as a wide eyed, enthusiastic individual who believed everyone played fair and by the rules.

Thanks for sharing such a informative post. i have no such a words for thanks.
it is true we don't know, What we don't know.
Upvote, Resteem and start following you !


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Great story!!! The tower of Babel is on the highest point right now. A couple of humans are playing for God and destroy heaven on earth.

Our governments supporting this evil system (they show us).


Your post is so interesting for me ( @rizkisuryadi). I have follow you @jockey, then follow me, please. :-) :-)

Well written article and jam packed with truths, therefore well worthy of an upvote.
However there is nothing in the article I haven't heard a thousand times before in the truth community and it is proabably the 4th or 5th " Everything we've been told is a lie" article I've read on Steemit.

Warning! What you are about to read will change your life! ;-)

You should consider there is a lot of awake people on Steemit (as even the 9/11 poll proved).
Just look how many subscribers the @dollarvigilante has and he's been putting across many of the same concepts for years!

It is not easy to put everything you have stated in a neat package for everyone to consume. Every point you have made has some validity though. I tend to look at the source of the information. Like if the media is touting something, I will immediately question it. And the opposite, if they oppose something, I will look into it as something I might want to support. The government is your biggest enemy. They will not be looking out for you,,,,,,,ever. Question every thing they heavily promote. Word to the wise.

You have said right. Corruption is everywhere. Even in my country our leaders make it open and obvious but the question is what can we do about it?

Hoping to learn more from you.. You have gotten a follow

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This is why i wish this site had a downvote option. I was pretty excited about this site, but this kind of weak stuff disappoints me. I agree with what you have to say but it has no depth, no research. For people to say this is one of the best posts theyve seen on this site is just.... Fuck it.

It's not bad for a start, as an outline, but that's what he said it was.

I feel very happy to upvote and follow you. Please help me upvote

Well done!
Nice to meet you, and thanks for the list of names worth following.
Looking forward to more.
upvoted ,resteemed

@jockey you are right on! If you want to know more, check out gaia.tv Lots of whistleblowers.

resteeming as everyone needs to be made aware of the truths.. We can make a difference by exposing the lies and deceit!

you summarise what I have been learning for a long time. good job!

Right on! Keep searching, there is SO much more to this. I'm still going through the effort of literally relearning everything as well. Much luck to you!

Following You now... Well done Jockey !!

Cheers !!

You discovered these revelations whilst drinking in an Aussie pub of all places? 😂

God Bless Australian pubs! 👌🐸

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I agree with alot of things in this post. But it is unlikley you got the book from an Australian in a pub and made it up because there are lots of Australian users on here and found about about the book through a you tube video probably Glen Beck. There is not more war and misery and not all rich people are bad. Sure there could be a better system but who are the richest people in the world? Bill gates and Warren Buffet do you know about the Bill Gates Foundation. Yes there are some bad things about the world but it is not all in black and white. And there is rarely a they or the man. People are a product of there enviroment and do the best they can with the situation they are born into. Good coilation of info though for people who mightn't be aware of some of these things especially the fed.

Thank you for the post! I feel that you are exactly right in so many areas. I agree that Steemit and other crypto communities can be an alternative and an answer to the current system.

I also think that another necessary facet is people organizing and taking action. Nothing will change without local communities acknowledging issues and coming together to fight the rulers. Find a cause that is the most important to you and join a group that works for that cause daily. If there isn't a group in your area then you could start one. Support political candidates that espouse morality in governance.

It may not seem like much compared to the powers and resources of the system owners and elite but it is the power of the people and it can be effective.

Don't stop there:

  • Our legal system is a lie.
  • Our "science" is a lie.
  • Our history is a lie
  • The entire govern-cement structure is a lie
  • The social contract is a lie.
    and I could go on and on and on

allow me...

Nice video. Good tune. True words rapped.

They are great, you should check out more of there stuff.

Black is white and white is black.
(Jesuit code)

it was them who had it back to front in the end

Great post...

Awareness is the key! Thank you jockey for sharing the truth.

Dude, well done.

Let me ask you: Have you read anything arguing for the outlaw of all interest on loans whatsoever? Seems radical by today's standards but it's been implemented many times in history--and overturned. I think some lightbulbs may go off, let me know if you're curious.

is that a now happening. they are outlawing usury. thats a nice tip for me @witnezme

Thanks for your amazing post my friend. I really enjoy reading your post, you wrote us the motivational words to be a good people in this community.

Regard from Indonesia.

A truly amazing post! And you perfectly rounded up all the main suspects, like a ferris wheel of institutional corruption and evil.

Out of all the topics, the most esoteric seems to be the legal system - I am going to do a post on it soon, but from a law of attraction angle, similar to the the 9/11 one I posted today, which was inspired by participation on your 9/11 survey post.

Thank you for the mention - I love being thought of as funky:)

I followed and ill be looking out for that.

Great article. You touched on many important points. I would just like to add that Syria also is not part of the IMF, it has its own private bank and prints its own money. Thank you for writing this very informative article.

I would upvote you but it seems that my votes aren't counting for anything today. I might have overused them.

I will, however, follow you and read more of your content and hopefully once my vote has any sort of monetary value again, I will upvote content that you post that I find informative. Thank you again!

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