#LookUp: Heaviest Chemtrail Spraying I've Seen in Montana Criss-Crossing the Whole Sky (Cloud-Seeding on Steroids)

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Last Sunday the 17th I witnessed the heaviest chemtrail spraying in Montana that I have ever seen, in Bozeman in the Gallatin Valley. Above photo of the sprayed 'X' was taken first thing in the morning between 7-8am - pretty typical for a busy day of geoengineering in the sky around these parts - but by 10am the skies were completely criss-crossed with chemtrails the likes of which I have never personally witnessed here in Montana, but have only seen via photos taken in or around larger cities. So obviously I shot a few pictures to document the madness, seen below, and though I was a little delayed in posting them, I feel they are still definitely worth sharing for all those keeping tabs on all the geoengineering they now admittingly have got going on in the sky these days.

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Looking up and further west:

And looking further east:
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Yep, it was pretty bad considering this would have otherwise been a mostly sunny day. One can clearly see that this cloud "seeding" is working successfully at 'blocking' (dimming) the sun as a part of the current geoengineering program dubbed "Operation Solar Shield."

I do find it ironic that all this geoengineering and cloud seeding is now being openly admitted by the very same establishment which for years labeled anyone covering this chemical spraying by aircraft a crazy 'conspiracy theorist' :) Of course this widespread spraying has long been going on and had been documented for years before the establishment announced they were in fact doing it.

What really blows my mind is that despite the establishment's open admittal to spraying the sky as a part of their current geoengineering programs, there are still plenty of folks out there in complete denial who still call the spraying of these chemtrails a crazy 'conspiracy' and label anyone documenting it a crazy 'conspiracy theorist'. But whether they refuse to believe it or not, earth's atmosphere is being seeded with man-made clouds, sprayed with toxic chemicals and heavy metals such as barium, aluminum and calcium carbonate.

And that's all I've got to say on this subject for now, except that it is really annoying to continually have perfectly clear blue skies being sprayed away with 'fake' man-made clouds, as if nature didn't provide enough natural clouds on her own... I will leave you guys with one final and more recent picture of our Montana skies, this one from Thursday the 21st, not as bad as Sunday but still some serious spraying going on:

Thanks for checking out my post, have a great weekend, and enjoy the blue sunny skies if you've got them today like I do!

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I'm with you man. Watching blue skies disappear before my eyes day after day pisses me off only slightly more than the indifference most people have towards it.

You heard the song "Blue Sky Day"?
Check it out (It is Geoengineering related)