The Mother Of All Conspiracy Theories: The Summer Gate

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As the world seems to be headed into a direction of further chaos and instability, this theory claims to offer an escape for the brave adventurers.

The theory bases on the concept that earth may in fact be much larger than what we are told and there is a way to reach this other part through "The Summer Gate" or "BAWWAABAAT-RA".

We have all been force fed the globe as the flat earthers has well pointed out, but the real reason is according to this theory not that the earth necessarily is flat, but instead that it is much bigger than we are led to believe. That an ingenious illusion for enclosing people in a limited area was to draw a globe containing only that area, so that people would not even think to explore further.

The Summer Gate Illustration

The following map found drifting around the internet illustrates the idea rather well:
download (1).jpeg

The flat earthers will be familiar with the idea of Antarctica surrounding the rest of our known world as seen on the map but to others the thought may take some getting used to.
This theory makes the same claims in regards to Antarctica although nothing about the earth being flat.

According to the theory, during the summertime in Antarctica, the ice melts and result in an opening through which ships can pass, called indeed "The Summer Gate".

All the other details of this map such as sun and moon cycles, names of unknown continents and outside shape of Antartica also being circular is interesting but not necessarily to do with this theory.

The Summer Gate on Google Maps

If you investigate the same location on Google Maps. Antarctica, below New Zealand and a bit to the east. You will find a place near the McMurdo Station that seems stitched together and almost painted over very roughly compared to most of the coastline as seen below:


At the time of writing you can see for yourself by following this link: Google Maps

It appears not far from the McMurdo Station, however if we are to believe in Antarctica really being circular, the map stitching will compress much greater distances than it appears to, and so the distance from McMurdo could as such be rather large.

3 Solid Reasons Why You Should Consider this Theory

All 3 reasons has to do with the seemingly diplomatic MIRACLE called the Antarctic Treaty.

1. Capitalism Refrains from Harvesting Natural Resources of Antarctica

As we see capitalism willing to do all sorts of morally mischievous activities in the name of profit, something does not add up when so many nations having come together to declare Antarctica off-limits for anything but research purposes.
The public story being of course that there are no natural resources in Antarctica, although it is both hard to imagine that being true and hard to establish that this has ever been properly confirmed.

Governments can approve poisonous pesticide remains in our food but won't allow big industry to touch Antarctica?

2. Prohibition of Military Activity

If there is one thing the United States of America does not compromise on it is military strategical positions. If you know the story of Diego Garcia military base you will see that this military power does not frown upon even moving native inhabitants of a recluse island to another country in order to build their secret base.
However, as you can imagine, being at the "bottom of the world", Antarctica should offer unparalleled strategical military advantage for either of the 3 military super powers (US, China, Russia) and yet they have all agreed that this is off-limits.

What could be in the common interest of these 3 superpowers above military strategical superiority?

3. You May Be Killed

As a private person, you can explore the Antarctic Peninsula and approved locations if you have a good deal of cash to pay for it. However, to launch a private independent expedition freely around Antarctica looks to be a bureaucratic nightmare unlikely to ever be approved.

Several rumours exists that you may find yourself at the wrong end of swift military action when exploring Antarctica in certain areas.
One supposedly rogue expedition without authorisation in the area close to where we estimate the location of the Summer Gate, resulted in multiple disappearances.


According to the official story, the norwegian ship Berserk II disappeared in a storm without a trace the 22. February 2009. However, two crew-members of the Berserk II was at the time on shore on a trip to the pole by ATV's and received a strange message from the vessel the day before its disappearance:

There's a good atmosphere and all is well.
We leave horseshoe bay. Contact us when you can."

The crew-members left ashore found their way to safety through the McMurdo station and was puzzled to learn that the New Zealand naval vessel HMNZS Wellington had been in contact with the Berserk II and informed them of the incoming storm. As such, they were left with the question as to why the their shipmates would leave safe anchorage in the horseshoe bay well knowing the storm approaching?

Other Possible Relations

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only, the fe disc model doesn't work in the first place with what we observe on earth, so expanding it out is just building error on error.

don't get me wrong, it's not a globe either. free anergy's ideas (youtube) are most interesting at this stage.

wrong model 2.png

Well I really didn't mean to expand the fe disc model. Quite the opposite if anything; expand the globe earth to giant size where our earth is a mere spot on its surface structured as the fe disc map.
But as I perhaps should have clarified better in the article, this theory really doesn't lay claim to any of that, but only the Summer Gate itself where it then may lead.
Another interesting possibility is the edge of a simulation chamber beyond Antarctica.

antarctica could lead to the...north pole.

we're not on a ball spinning at 1038 mph and flying through an imaginary vast outer space (which you've never seen outside of a telescreen.)

here are dozens of reasons why:

In general I wouldn't trust anything these governments are telling us. They have proven enough times that we cannot trust them.
There are tons of theories to make my head spin but thanks for the video, maybe ill find some time to go through it.

'I wouldn't trust anything these governments are telling us.'

with this frame of mind, you won't go wrong ;-)

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